Best motivator

The spiritual embodiment of Merle Dixon. A sampling of the barbs he uses to spur Daryl out of his swoon and climb up that hill:

"Look at you, lying in the dirt like a used rubber!"

"You're nothin' but a freak to them, redneck trash, that's all you are."

"One of these days they gonna scrape you off their heels like you was dogsh!t."

"Kick off them damn high heels and climb son!"

He also calls him Durleena. Durleena!

Funnest looking water slide

The one that Daryl slid down when he fell off of his hoss. Daryl's like "Hey hoss, next time you throw me off of you can you throw me into a lazy river?"

Biggest waste of a zombie ear necklace

Rick, just tossing it underfoot like a used rubber. If they had hung onto it, it would have been the source of lots of good chuckles. For example, "Hey Daryl, lend me an ear" or "I think we should play this one by ear" or "Keep an ear to the ground." Or he could do crude things like put cotton swabs in the ears.

Wildest theory

Mine, that since Daryl shot that zombie with the arrow that had his own non-infected blood on it, that zombie will become cured of zombides. Then that zombie is going to just wake up in the middle of the woods and be like, "Whaaaaattttt???"

Things that were hard to read in Dale's RV

1. The book that Glenn borrowed and was returning.  I paused and rewinded a bunch of times but the only detail that I could glean was that it had an alien on the cover. I don't think it was "Communion: A True Story". Anyway, they sure hated it.

2. The Miracle of Friendship sign. This one was a little easier to track down.

3. The sign near the sink. It was yellow with black letters. I couldn't quite make it out, but it probably had something to do with washing your hands after you use the crapper or cleaning up after yourself or keeping this place clean or something.

Most awkward dinner conversation

Glenn, from his kids table, breaking the silence: "Does anybody know how to play guitar? Dale ... found a cool one, somebody's got to know how to play."

Otis' widowed wife: "Otis did."

Hershel: "Yes, and he was very good, too."