Carl: "I can't. I was wrong, just do it."

Rick: "Carl, don't go outside, stay safe." Carl: "I'm scared, I'm scared."

Me: (-_-;)

Michonne: "I've never seen a gorilla drive a car before, but if you put it in a museum I'm not gonna call it art."

Michonne: "Mike, I miss you. I missed you even when I was with you, back at the camp. That wasn't you who did it. You were wrong, because I'm still here and you could be too, and he could be here…I know the answer, I know why." (What all is she referring to? Did Mike kill himself and their baby or something?)

Rick: "It's for you."


There wasn't really one specifically that stood out, so I'll just say that it was when Michonne flew into a rage and had that 30-hit super combo in the middle of the herd.

At first I was going to say Joe Sr., but then Carl found that strange, strange man in the room with all the books. Was that man Sam? And why was his head so big? Did his head become so large because he had read so many books, or was it just swelling up with some strange zombie puss? That zombie was pretty relentless, and he had unusually expressive eyes. It was like he was some new strain of super intelligent, durable zombie. Gamechanger! It kind of looked like Freddy Krueger. The thin farmer at the front door was also pretty creepy.

Zombies: I counted 28, including Hershel's head, and Michonne had like 25 of them! That's about 228 on the season.
Humans: Well, we can now confirm the Governor, but there weren't any new ones. 35 so far this season.


Where is Judith? Who was on the other end of that radio transmission from earlier in the season? Who was messing around with all of those dead rats? What is Carol up to? How about Morgan? What book was Carl reading in the house?

A look ahead to the next episode, "Inmates"

We catch back up with the rest of the survivors. Daryl Dixon is camping with Beth, who gets annoyed at his listlessness. Do you think they'll kiss? There is also a cool sign that says "Hitchhikers May Be Inmates" o_0