Wouldn't it be a cute twist if she has his shoe?


  • This episode was based almost verbatim on issues 49 and 50 of the comic. Some of the scenes are near exact recreations of the book, for example, Carl sitting on the floor holding his knees next to Rick laying unconscious on the couch.
  • Michonne's boyfriend Mike is played by 27-year-old Aldis Hodge, who was on a show called "Leverage", and his friend Terry was played by 32-year-old Brandon Fobbs, who played Fruit on "The Wire".
  • The dead horse at the beginning of the episode was Michonne's horse Flame, according to Walking Dead Wikia.
  • The corpse of Alisha, Tara's girlfriend, was also shown at the beginning of this episode.


There is a fly buzzing around his melon, his eyes are all yellow, his skin looks really unhealthy and his beard is grimy, and if you watch it in reverse, it looks like he is mouthing the words "Rick is a dead man." It also reminded me of this...


Michonne was sleeping in some car when she has this crazy dream/nightmare, explaining some of her back story. A creepy piano plays while she, Mike and Terry banter. A baby she calls peanut runs out and she puts her sword in a knife holder. It is a pretty sweet apartment overlooking Atlanta. Her baby's father, Mike, talks about some dumb play they saw until his clothes change and he starts talking about how they shouldn't leave the camp and how Michonne is so sick with the Shinobi sword. He seems really pessimistic about everything and she tries to liven the mood by having them drink wine and eat hummus, but any chance for good vibes go out the window when Mike and Terry's arms come off and she starts screaming bloody murder and Atlanta crumbles in the background.


Carl goes into that awesome "Teen Cribs" bedroom and gets this look on his face like when Eddie Murphy saw Heather Graham nude in "Bowfinger". It has a sweet flat screen TV, a bunch of vidya games, and all these posters on the wall that were way too inside and hip for an out of touch poser like me to understand.

There was some kind of eye test chart, an American Museum of Natural History poster, the album cover for Overbite by Atlanta indie band "Dead Ripe", a Works Progress Administration Illinois safety division poster, this fly is as deadly as a bomber poster from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, a Memorial Tattoo poster, a "Let's make New Orleans a Safe Port of Departure" poster, and probably some other stuff that I missed.

The room really needed a race car bed to be complete, but when Carl sees his reflection in the TV he snaps out of it and pulls the plug to use for a Clove Hitch knot.


  • There were a lot of sweet vehicles in this episode. All those awesome steel horses outside of the bar, that nice looking Jeep Wrangler. I wonder why Michonne didn't try to start any of them?
  • Joe Jr. had his own signature hot sauce on sale for the bargain price of $3.33.
  • The swelling on Rick's face seemed to go down really fast between the time he and Carl fled the overrun prison to the time they arrived at the BBQ shack.
  • At the beginning of the Michonne herd sequence there is a quick shot of this one zombie that is like REALLY decomposed. I think it was a completely animatronic zombie.
  • There is also a pretty intact zombie that looks kind of like Daryl Hannah.
  • What was with that dead bird in the house where Carl loses his shoe?
  • There was a bottle of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce in the fridge.
  • In the pudding house there is a sign on the wall that says Fredag, which is Swedish for Friday.


Rick: "Every bullet counts. We'd a needed that one later."

Rick: "Kitchen wasn't empty after all: my haul. You?" Carl: "I win."

Carl: (censored) "Hey apple head! Hey brownie face! Hey…" Rick: "Watch your mouth!"

Carl: "It's a strong knot, clove hitch. Shane taught me. Remember him?" Rick: "Yeah I remember him, I remember him everyday."

Carl: "I'd be fine if you died...I still know how to survive...and now you're nothing."