The Voice - Season 5

Olivia Henken (Tyler Golden/NBC / November 5, 2013)

After Monday’s live shows, it was hard to believe "The Voice" could get any better. It looks like Team CeeLo and Team Christina took notes, bringing absolute fire for Night 2 of the live rounds.

Before the show kicked off, Coach Christina performed,. With breakout band Great Big World, she sang  “Say Something” for the first time on national television. After her moving performance, it was time for the remaining 10 contestants to move the coaches and American and sing their way into the top 12.

Team CeeLo: Amber Nicole and Cassadee Pope's “Wasting All These Tears”

Seventeen-year-old Amber Nicole had big footsteps to follow, coming from a family of singers (a father who sings and an older sister who was former coach Usher's vocal coach).

After losing her spot on Team Christina, Amber got her second chance when CeeLo picked her up in a steal. CeeLo’s job was to challenge her and showcase her talent with his song choice. He decided to make a bold move, choosing season three-champion Cassadee Pope’s “Wasting All These Tears.”

After a roaring performance, coaches Adam and Christina loved it. Blake felt she did the song justice (of course he would know; he coached the girl who sings it). Amber proved that she isn’t just r&b but a little bit country as well.

Team CeeLo: Jonny Gray and The Verve's “Bittersweet Symphony”

Former Airmen Jonny Gray is all about a song with a message, and his coach CeeLo felt the perfect song for him to perform would be The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony.” Jonny’s mission for his performance was to nail the rasp and the art of his voice, and he did.

Performing without his signature hat, Jonny managed to wow the audience and the coaches. Adam and Christina both commended him on his raw talent. Coach CeeLo couldn’t be happier that Jonny nailed one of his favorite songs.

Team CeeLo: Tamara Chauniece and Gloria Gaynor's “I Will Survive”

Tamara had a lot to look forward to. After going back home and gaining the support of her mega-church family, she was ready to take on the competition and perform for her spot on the top 12.

Due to her strong essence and willingness to do whatever it takes to make it in the competition, Tamara’s coach CeeLo chose the Gloria Gaynor classic “I Will Survive” for her to perform. After a stellar vocal performance, coaches Adam and Blake were stunned by her beauty and her talent, both deeming it her best performance of the competitio. CeeLo was not surprised, proud that Tamara pulled off the performance of a lifetime.

Blake was right. All of the contestants shouldn’t get used to the rave reviews. Next week is game time and we can bet that the coaches will show no mercy and say whatever they can to make sure their teammates are in the lead!

Team CeeLo: Kat Robichaud and Mary Lambert's "She Keeps Me Warm”

It was time for Kat to take a step back from the high kicks and the “robi-shuffle” and slow things down a bit.

Coach CeeLo wanted to show the world that Kat isn’t just a one-style type of girl, that there is more to her than her signature edge. For her performance, CeeLo chose the Mary Lambert hit “She Keeps Me Warm.” (Yes without Macklemore, and that is a relief).

After having a very sweet moment with a random audience member, it was time for Kat to hear what the coaches had to say. Adam and Christina loved her energy but wanted to see a little bit more from her. CeeLo felt she executed the performance flawlessly; he didn’t want to see anything else.

Team CeeLo: Caroline Pennell and The White Stripe's “We’re Gonna Be Friends”

Wrapping up the night for Team CeeLo was Caroline Pennell.  Since making the decision to press his big red button and pick her for his team, CeeLo has become best friends with Caroline. Not only is she the youngest member of Team CeeLo, but she's one of the team's hidden gems.

For her song choice, CeeLo chose The White Stripes' “We’re Gonna Be Friends,” a song that would showcase her vocal talent and performance skills.