No steals for 2Steel Girls, and they were sent back to …wherever.


 Adam put together grad student general bore Collin McLoughlin and Bryan Keith with Sublime’s “Santaria,” and chinless wonder Collin picked up on it much more quickly in rehearsals, but his performance just seemed like bad, over-the-top acting. Bryan was more natural on-stage, and there was a rasp and edge in his voice that was perfect for the song. Adam selected him, sending Collin home BUT OH WAIT:

During goodbye remarks along the lines of “I went to Maroon 5 shows when I was little kid” from Collin (what kind of childhood did you even have??) both Blake and Cee Lo went in for the steal, and Collin went with Blake.


 This was a terrible idea, matching up YouTube sensation J.R. Aquino with Peruvian Ken-doll Diego Val. Rehearsing Rick Springfield’s (!!!) “Jessie’s Girl,” Diego was awful, having difficulty remembering the words (“I’m Peruvian, bro … English is my second language.” You beautiful idiot, you.). During the performance, J.R. was just so into it, but Cee Lo went with Diego. And no steals picked up J.R. “You can always keep in touch with me, and we’ll continue to be friends,” Cee Lo told J.R., which really just means, “I will always screen your phone calls.”

A great match, however, was putting together back-up singer Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte with Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love.” Any time you can get Adam standing up in his damn chair (looking like a fine, fine statue) is a good time, and all coaches assured Cee Lo that whoever he cut would still carry on in competition on someone else’s team.

Cee Lo “wanted to be part of Trevin’s journey,” but Adam, Blake and Christina all tried to steal Amanda (as Trevin was backstage whooping for her — so nice!), and she went with Adam.

Adorable Moment of the Night: Adam telling De’Borah, “it makes me happy to break free from your struggles, and it makes me sad that someone could ever not be accepted for who they are,” to which De’Borah’s precious father called out from the stands, “THAT’S RIGHT!” Adam said De’Borah’s entire story made him “emotional” which basically means he’ll let me hold him as we talk about our feelings.

Things That Should Not Go Together, But Do: Blake and his guest coach, Michael Buble. Yes yes yes this is such an odd pair it’s perfect.

Things That Go Together, But Should Not: Cee Lo and his guest coach, Rob Thomas. Because Matchbox 20 is a nice thing to remember happening a long time ago, but relevant? Well, put it this way: when talking to J.R., Rob mused, “You have 44 million hits on YouTube, and I’ve sold out the Staples Center, but I don’t have 44 million hits on anything.” Maybe because YouTube didn’t exist in the 1990s?