Moses Stone, from Hollywood, whose “Let’s Get it Started” marked the first time anyone has rapped on “The Voice.” Even though his segment was one of the short ones and the audience got zero back story, I can tell you a little secret: He’s 25 and a 2005 graduate of Laurel High School in Laurel, Md.

By my tally, that leaves six spots left on Christina’s team.

What We Learned Tonight

Cee Lo is a creepy, creepy man. The cat. The leering (is he leering? I can’t see his eyes behind his sunglasses!). That weird tongue thing he does. This week, he called ditzy model Erin “a beautiful, wonderful creature of a woman … your voice is so strange, so bizarre. Quite naturally, you belong to me. Don’t you agree?” Because treating women as property is ALWAYS COOL.

Name-dropping Perez Hilton will get you nowhere. Just ask Winter Rae, who works in a California bowling alley, and whose take on Rihanna’s “Take A Bow” failed to impress the judges. No one cares if Perez Hilton is your friend, Winter.

“Sweet Home Alabama” is an awful song. No, wait, already knew that.

Carson Daly is super-intense. Yelling at the viewing screen as he waits with the families, hunched over, hands on his knees. Your yells have NO IMPACT on what’s happening on screen, Carson. Ask any sports fan.

Stay in school. I’m lookin’ at you, Elley Duhe. You and your killer-last-note-on-Duffy’s-“Mercy.” Tough luck.

Cee Lo sleeps during the show. At least, that’s according to Blake: “That’s why he wears sunglasses.” Darn. I really thought it was because he was a Cyclops.

Suspenders are always cool. Pip reminded us of this. That, and his awesome name (which I’m just going to go ahead and assume was inspired by Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations”) as well as his take on “House of the Rising Sun” are all contributing factors to his being crowned standout of the night. He’s got his bowtie tied so snugly around my heart.