(another) MONTAGE:

Adam picked up Sam James after John Lennon's "Imagine," Christina got Laura Vivas and Blake added Lelia Broussard after hearing her sing the Beatles' "We Can Work it Out." (It's like the night of the Beatles and Fleetwood Mac and God, I am LOVING IT.)

Brandon Mahone, 17, of Indianapolis, with "I Wish It Would Rain," by the Temptations

This boy looks like he could actually be a member of the Temptations, and he sounds like it, too. Soulful and cheerful, and Adam nearly immediately spun his chair. (And promptly started jamming.) Cee Lo quickly followed, as did Christina. Brandon seems to embody that whole era of soul and Motown, and ultimately went with Adam.

Summary thoughts: Let's get him some Top 40 hits and see how he rocks those, too. He'll be around for awhile, I hope.

Jordan Pruitt, 21, from Georgia with "The One That Got Away"

When I hear "Disney Star" I think "The Famous Jett Jackson" not "I toured with the Cheetah Girls." Note: she TOURED with the Cheetah Girls; she was not A Cheetah Girl. There is a difference. Jordan was all empty, pop anthemic rock. Still Christina -- and fellow Disney alum -- spun her chair.

Summary thoughts: Again, there's a difference between being Demi Lovato and opening up for Demi Lovato. And she and Christina have matching shoulder pads, so ... there's that?

Terisa Griffin, 42, from Chicago with Adele's "Someone Like You"

"I'm going to let them have it," Terisa said before taking the stage. The audience started cheering halfway through the first verse, and the coaches all stared off into the distance, mesmerized. Christina was first on the button, and then Blake. "I love you, I think you're awesome, what else do you want to hear?" Blake begged. "That's it!" she answered. "Since you told Christina to take me, I'm taking you."

Summary thoughts: Oh, sing the song of my heart, you strong, sassy, fierce beauty you. Blake's got his hands full with her.

The misguided moment of the night: VJ Rosales singing "Forget You" by Cee Lo. Cee Lo was shaking his head in bemused disinterest, and other coaches said VJ's choice was "odd." VJ's styles were all over the place, like he couldn't decide how he wanted to sing the song. "Let me show you how to sing this song," Cee Lo said. What I was hoping would be really cool just turned out be awkward: VJ couldn't hold a candle to Cee Lo.

Adorable Blake moment of the night: With Terisa schooling Blake, and schooling him hard, he begged, "just come down here and punch me in the face." Terisa instead hugged him, and Blake sang her "Let's Get it On."

Pretty sure we're actually watching "Go On": The sob stories just keep getting more intense. The winner this week was Diego. The man's hip bone disintegrated when he was a child. This is the sob story to beat all sob stories.

Startling realization of the night part 1: Cee Lo's dance moves are freakishly similar to my boyfriend's. This isn't really a problem.

Startling realization of the night part 2: A friend just put this in perspective -- when blind auditions are over there will be 64 CONTESTANTS IN THIS DAMN COMPETITION. UNWIELDY, NBC. You are unwieldy.