Summary thoughts: This is basically a 2012 version of "Crazy/Sexy/Cool." Perfect match for Cee Lo.

Nicole Nelson, of Burlington, Vermont, with Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"

Oh, heavens, yes. Adam pushed his button the second Nicole cut hard and deep on the line "she broke your throne and she cut your hair," and the other coaches followed suit the minute Nicole hit the second chorus. This, this, this, is what the show is about. Complete chills on the back of your neck. "As you were singing it, it just kept getting better," Adam said, and she went with Adam.

Oh, hey, montage!

In which Christina picks up Lisa Schinta and Marrissa Anne (the show's youngest contestant at age 15!) and Adam gets Loren Allred.

And the ones who didn't make it

Yes, there was another montage. No, I didn't care. The highlight? Former DreamStreet member (let me bask in you, tweenager nostalgia!) Chris Tousdales, 26, who now lives in Michigan and works in a sushi restaurant. To further prove that the boy-band dream is dead, not a single coach pushed their button. The late-90s and early-aughts are all weeping.

The second-biggest thing to happen on tonight's episode was the revelation that Blake Shelton can moonwalk, but really, the abilities of this god among men should surprise no one at this point.

The third-biggest thing tonight, again Blake-related, is that we learned any B.S. that comes out of his mouth is organic, according to Adam. Blake's response: "Compost!"

What We Missed Tuesday Night (Or, "When Sara's Real Job Sadly Interferes With Reality TV")

Christina picked up New York's Adriana Louise, the genre-less wonder who conjures up images of what would happen if Carly Rae Jepson and Gloria Estefan were cloned then melded. She also got Aquile, of San Diego, after he sang Elton John's "Your Song."

Blake got Casey Muessigman, a cowboy/wrestler/singer who again reminded me how much I hate "Sweet Home Alabama." Blake also nabbed 21-year-old Julio Cesar Castillo, who was the first contestant to sing entirely in Spanish. The song? ?La Bamba."

Cee Lo chose Mackenzie Bourg, a 19-year-old survivor of some viral disease/congenital heart failure/all-around-terribleness, who sang Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks." Please let this adorable Harry-Potter-looking, guitar-toting child progress long and far in this show. He is joy incarnate.