Des confronts James and once again, James throws Mikey T. under the bus. This time James also throws his cancer stricken dad under with him, because he "swears on his father's life" that he never said such vile things. This whole thing is giving James a headache, and he starts to cry like a little girl. The question is whether James is more upset about missing out on being the next Bachelor, or the fact that he is engaged in a fight with a Zak Efron look-alike. 

At the end of the night, James cries the entire way back to the hotel and decides he is not going to be friends with the other boys anymore. No one gets the group date rose.

Zak One-On-One

Big Face Zak and Des' date starts in the streets and ends up in an art studio where they draw pictures of a male model. Boring. Then a really skinny, boney male model comes out, drops his robe and poses naked. As if that wasn't bad enough, Zak comes out a few minutes later, drops his robe and poses like Howdy Doody in tighty whiteys.

Zak wants the rose and the woman. In that order. He loves her. He feels no hesitation. He tells her she means everything to him. He gets the rose. His mouth and forehead are too big for his face.

Meanwhile, back at the girl scout meeting, James calls Drew out on his role in the he said/he said because they are in 6th grade and no one can let it go. Instead of denying Drew's accusations, James tries to defend himself by explaining that he was just thinking about how his life would be if he were to be sent home. Drew ain't buying it and tells James that there is no reason to even think about any type of life outside of being married to Des. Get a grip Drew.

James makes himself comfy on the couch by squeezing in between Juan Pablo and Michael. Sits very arrogantly with his arms across his chest until summoned by Des.

Des wants to send James home, despite the fact that he is feeling much better after a bubble bath and a good night's sleep. If Des had any doubt, the purple shirt, tight jeans and flip flops should have been all the confirmation she needed.

Having had the entire night to rehearse his speech, James manages to sweet talk Des into keeping him, despite having two large breast shaped sweat stains on the front of his purple shirt. He returns to his rightful place on the coach and folds his arms in victory. Shame on you Des for surviving Tierra the Tierrable, but succumbing to James the Jack-Ass.

Rose ceremony

Drew and Zak have roses and are safe this week. The remaining roses go to Chris, Brooks and Michael, who at every rose ceremony looks like he is about to go to the electric chair.

Kasey, James and Juan Pablo are going home. Good riddance to all of them, including Juan Pablo who cries because he actually thought they had a connection.  And I don’t believe for a second that Juan Pablo has any trouble dating.

Next week: Drew cries because he misses Kasey.