The guys are broken into two rehearsal groups and  guess what? They suck! Brian sounds like Peter Brady singing “When It’s Time To Change,” Cody can’t sing at all, Ron is tone deaf and Eric says Marcus sounds like a chicken being strangled. Eric was being kind. Andi can’t sing either but does get flirty with one of the Boyz.

Now for the big reveal: Andi and the guys will be performing at Boyz II Men’s concert in front of a live — but hopefully not paying — audience. Opera Man is pumped and reminds us once again that he is a singer and is in his element. The other guys are scared.

The guys take the stage dressed eiher in khaki jackets with skinny red ties or blue sweaters with backwards blue baseball caps. Opera Man takes the mic and starts what will go down in history as the worst-ever four-minute karaoke rendition of “Ill Make Love To You.” Bradley’s opera-style singing is annoying, Josh and Marcus forgot the words and Brian and Tasos are so bad that cats are standing on fences howling. Everyone else was just plain ol' crappy.

The audience looks pained and one girl actually puts her hands over ears during Opera Man’s solo.

Andi, on the other hand, is all smiles and couldn’t ask for anything more. Except maybe earplugs.

Nighttime Group Date

After that butchering of a great song is mercifully over and Boys II Men have fired their agent for booking them on this show, Andi and her tone-deaf guys head back to their Santa Barbara digs. Andi toasts the guys and says it was one of best days of her life. Which is so sad.

Andi takes Cody aside for some alone time because he is always cracking jokes and she wants to mess with him a little bit. She tells him that she doesn’t want to get involved in house drama because “I want you to feel like it’s y’all’s house ... but there has been some chatter about you having a girlfriend.”

Cody looks shocked and say he doesn’t understand because he’s been single for three-and-a-half years. Cody looks super-nervous until Andi leans in, laughs and says, “You have a girlfriend and she’s a stripper.”  I must have missed the funny part of that prank. Does anyone want to let me in on what was so funny?

I guess I should hang out with more attorneys so I can work on my sense of humor. Cody, on the other hand, is thrilled about this little prank, because in his mind it meant that she was thinking of him. That’s so sad, Cody.

Eric is not feeling confident after the group date. He tells Andi he is worried that they are drifting apart and reminds her that they had a great time on the one-on-one date. Eric appears insecure and needy and Andi’s facial expressions do nothing to reassure him.

Back at the mansion, Pants Guy, Farmer Chris and Hair Gel Dylan are in the hot tub when the next date card arrives. Hair Gel Dylan wants to be chosen for the date so he can tell Andi about his troubled past. Unfortunately for Hair Gel Dylan, the date, titled “Love Is Timeless,” goes to Pants Guy. Maybe now we will find out what the heck a  “pantsapreneur” is.

Back in far-away, exotic Santa Barbara, Marcus and Andi talk for a few seconds, then they kiss. Marcus is confident that he will get the group-date rose.

With Marcus’s dinner still fresh on her breath, Andi and Josh snuggle in front of the fire pit. Josh admits that he gets nervous around her and that he wants to kiss her every day. He leans in and kisses her with a lot of lip, a lot of tongue (which we get to see quite often) and a lot of noise. Thanks to the clarity and definition of HDTV, we have all now made-out with Josh. Josh is confident that he will get the group date rose.

At the end of the night, Andy says that they are all great and that “I enjoy so many parts of y’all,” but Josh and his rubbery lips get the group date rose.

The night ends with Andi and the guys singing "I’ll Make Love To You” for what will hopefully be the last time ever.

JJ The Pants Guy One-On-One

Instead of finding out what a “pantsapreneur” is, Andi uses her date with Pants Guy to see what it will be like to grow old together. You see, Andi’s parents have been married for 30 years and she too wants a relationship that will last forever. What better way to determine if you can live with someone “forever” than dressing up like an octogenarian?

With the help of two make-up artists and some gray wigs, Andi and Pants Guy are turned into the Crypt Keeper and Bad Grandpa, complete with wrinkles and liver spots. They change into some old people clothes and head to a park, where they pretend to be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

At the park, Andi and Pants Guy walk hunched over like they have a load in their Depends and speak like they have emphysema. They ask unsuspecting park goers to take their picture (real Bad Grandpa would have copped a feel during the picture, just sayin’). Pants Guy laughs like an old person, reaches into his pockets and pulls out a Werther’s, the official candy of grandmas and old people everywhere.