Angry drunk Victoria finally comes out of the bathroom but continues her downward spiral. She walks barefoot and bikinied to the nearest elevator, yelling at a producer that she is “Done, Done, Done” and wants to go home. Despite his pleas that she stay with him for their ratings, I mean her safety, Victoria DEMANDS to GO HOME! When she realizes he is not going to let her get in the elevator, she runs back to her favorite stall, sits on the floor and leans on the toilet. That nice cold toilet bowl is going to feel really good against her head in a few hours. That and a toasted bagel with bacon, egg and cheese and a hot chocolate and she will be good as new.

Being a gentleman, Juan Pablo goes into the bathroom, disguises the disgust in his voice and tries to coax her out of the stall. He feels badly about her situation and says he won’t judge her. That certainly doesn’t mean that the rest of us won’t judge her, so judge away!

The group-date rose goes to Kelly the dog-lover for being a good sport and dressing like dog poop. Juan Pablo sends the girls home. Victoria goes to a hotel to dry out or get her stomach pumped -- whichever will sober her up enough so that ABC can send her on her way without worrying about incurring any legal liability.

The next morning, Juan Pablo arrives at Victoria’s hotel room. She apologizes for “going off the crazy train.”  She blames her bad drunk behavior on the intensity with which she feels things and says that being with the other girls made her upset. She goes on to say that she is mortified about her behavior -- as are the rest of us -- and apologizes.

Victoria may have been apologetic, but once you go off the crazy train, there is no getting back on. Despite Juan Pablo’s ability to understand that she was nervous, he in no way is going to let “crazy pissed off crying irrational insecure drunk girl” around Cameeeelllla. In Juan Pablo’s eyes, women who get drunk are not ready to be in a relationship with his daughter. I beg to differ Juan Pablo. You try being a mom to three teenage girls and then judge me -- I mean her -- for tying one on and wearing a lamp shade every now and then.

In the end, Juan Pablo feels he did the “rightest thing” for his daughter. Don’t let the champagne bottle hit you on the ass on the way out, Victoria.

Rose Ceremony

The ladies are informed that Victoria has been sent home and they nod their heads and shoot judgmental glares towards each other, like they have never been mean, nasty sloppy drunks. Hypocrites.

Amy uses her one-on-one time with Juan Pablo to “interview” him, imaginary mic and all.  Juan Pablo seems impressed with her interviewing skills and says she is pretty, fun and has a nice smile. That’s because that's all he knows about her and he is making it up as he goes along. At this point it may be too late for Amy to reel-in Juan Pablo, but maybe ABC will be impressed with her interview skills and offer her a spot on "The View."

Sharleen is embarrassed by her rude treatment of Juan Pablo after he handed her the First Impression Rose last week, so as an apology she wore a dress that showed 97% of her left breast.

Cassandra is starting to miss her son, Trey, and wants to go home. Renee/Mrs. Garrett steps in and talks her out of leaving, which makes no sense because this is a competition and who encourages their much younger and prettier-by-the-way competition to stay? Renee should be showing Cassandra pictures of Trey and helping her pack!!

I guess Cassandra didn’t realize that committing to this show would mean leaving her son behind, as opposed to all the other single parents who have missed their children over the past 26 seasons. I think the only reason Cassandra tried out for this show is because she wasn’t picked to be on "16 and Pregnant."

Rose Ceremony

Kat, Kelly and Clare have roses, and the remaining roses go to: Cassandra,Nikki, Andi, Elise,Sharleen,Renee, Danielle, Lucy, Alli, Chelsie, Lauren and Christy.

ABC wasn’t impressed with Amy’s interview skills, so she won’t be working for them anytime soon. Chantel never stood a chance after wearing a tight, hot blue dress out of the limo.

Hasta la vista baby!