Wife Nicky didn’t have her mat, and she is sent back right before Bingo is sent back. She begs Marie for the Express Pass so that she’s not eliminated. Instead, Marie gives her a pep talk of, “Just get the mat and run faster than Bingo.” Marie later interviews that Nicky didn’t have anything to offer her, so she wouldn’t hand it over then. Good alliance! Nicky does manage to finish the task before Bingo.


Pit Stop Drama Again!


The Pit Stop is in a nature preserve. Phil, the Mountain Man Greeter, and the Mat are situated in the middle of a suspension bridge, high above a river. The Afghanimals find him first, but Phil gives them the dreaded, “However.” They didn’t settle things with their cab driver. They gave him some American money, but not enough. They are sent back, making way for…


NFL! Phil tells them that they’re the second team, and they are fine with it. “However,” and then they’re in first place and they win a trip and they’re ecstatic. 


Afghanimals take second place. When Phil asks them what happened, they start arguing about counting money, exchange rates, and manners. I think they’re partly joking but mostly really mad at each other. Missing first place is rough.


The Beards are in third, and Phil tells them, “We got this guy [the bearded greeter] just for you.” Team Married is fourth place and Team Overachieving Daters is fifth.


For the next batch, it’s so dark that Phil has moved off of the bridge. I guess they didn’t want anyone falling off. Team Oklahoma is sixth, Pink Ice is seventh, and the Exes are eighth. When the Wives get to Phil, they practically collapse on him. It was a very physical leg. They’re in ninth so Team Bingo, alas, is eliminated.


Next week, let’s go to Portugal, okay? And get medieval? Spoiler alert: Marie’s alliance with the Wives falls apart. Join me!