Amani and Marcus are the only team choosing to carry fish. Their cab driver first takes them to the shoes, because that’s where all the cab drivers agreed to meet. But unlike every other team in the history of the Race who mistakenly ends up at the non-preferred Detour, they do not stay there. Nope, they go to the fish market and proceed to carry — by hand — pounds of frozen barracuda, squid, and who knows what else to different vendors. 

Amani is getting coated in fish slime, and what does she say? What does she say, America? “Carrying all this seafood is making me hungry!”

I don’t like fish to begin with, so I can’t even begin to relate, but isn’t it just a tiny bit gross? Wouldn’t the smell get to you? That is one tough, optimistic woman. In case you’re wondering, carrying waffles would make me hungry. 

Balboa can mean many things, but not that

After the Detour, teams are led to Cathedral Square where about six lovely ladies in large twirly skirts are dancing. The name of the Pit Stop is written on one of the skirts, but they all have patterns on them so it doesn’t stand out. The dancers are also wearing lots of medallions and belts and jewelry. One belt has a picture of the Pit Stop. Note: the Pit Stop has nothing to do with Balboa.

The Snowboarders arrive at the Square and stare at the dancers. They realize that many of the medallions say “Balboa” on them, so they repeat that to their cab driver. He takes them to the Panama Canal, which, no. Then he takes them to a statue on Balboa Avenue, but as they drive past, they don’t see Phil. They head back to the dancers.

Meanwhile, the other three teams are at the Square. Phil tweets: “We really thought they would see the clue on the dress much faster.”

Jeremy notices the picture of the building, and he makes a drawing of it. Ernie/Cindy and Amani/Marcus focus on Balboa. They all hop into their cabs within minutes of each other.

All the bad cabbie karma from all previous seasons has been repaid

Amani/Marcus and Ernie/Cindy tell their cab drivers to go to Balboa. Jeremy’s cab driver recognizes the building that he drew and drives toward the correct Pit Stop. He also calls the other two cab drivers and tells them where he’s going, and those drivers decide that his information is better. The drivers ignore the Balboa instructions and head to the correct Pit Stop.

How would it be if all cab drivers were like this? It’s better than the adopt-a-local strategy, because everyone ends up at the same place! Jeremy and Sandy take first place, Ernie and Cindy are right behind them, and Amani and Marcus join everyone else on the mat. This is the happiest, friendliest Pit Stop arrival ever. 

No more Snowboarder quotes

Andy and Tommy are the only team to notice the clue on the dancer’s dress. Too bad their cab driver wasn’t in on all the phone calls. They are the last team to arrive, and they are eliminated. The elimination rolls off them so easily, I’m reminded that they are professional competitors. You don’t advance that far in anything without losing and bouncing back a few times. It’s hard to say goodbye to one of the most successful, yet laid-back teams ever. But I think their day jobs will keep them pretty happy.

Next week is the finale, y’all! And I’ll be recapping from a hotel room in San Diego. Come join me, it’ll be a party!