The Roadblock is in a busy bazaar. It reminds me of the Aladdin Casino in Las Vegas, so, I guess, good for the Aladdin Casino? Although I haven't been there in at least 10 years, so don't go there just because I said it looks like Istanbul (not Constantinople).

One team member has to serve Turkish sherbet, which is believed to be the world's first soft drink. Turkey, you guys, with the baths and the bagels and the soft drinks. Let's all move there.

The Roadblocker puts on a uniform of red pants, white shirt, red vest and hat, and then wears a long spouted brass teapot on their back. They're supposed to tip forward to pour it into a cup. Just like the song! Well, this teapot isn't short and stout, it's long and thin, but you do tip over to pour it out. I'm just saying, what if the song came from here, too?!

You know who rocks the teapot? Lexi. "I was just being loud and obnoxious like I normally am." It's the cheerleader in her, she's cheery. Maybe too cheery, one man offers to pay her to just go away.

Boyfriend Ryan has a harder time selling, the top of his teapot keeps falling off. Finally he engages a local as a broker to sell to others, and for some reason that works for him. Sidenote: in the post-interview, Ryan is wearing a Bangladesh t-shirt. That's sweet. Maybe it's to remind him to never bitch about his TV.

Chippendale James can't sell the sherbet shirtless, which is a hindrance to him, I'm sure. The Chippendales caught up to the top four teams at the Roadblock, but then everyone finished before them, so they think they're last. Until ...

Goat Farmers and Monster Truck arrive. Brent takes it, even though he just carried a bunch of bagels on his head and you'd think he'd want a break. But no, not only does he have a flat head, but also he has strong sales technique. "I may not be a Chippendale but I can work a costume." And he's not even a drag queen!

Kelley takes the Roadblock for the Truckers, she doesn't seem to have much trouble either.

The editors try to make me believe that the Chippendales are in trouble, but I don't believe it. We were promised shirtless Chippendales at some point, and I don't think the bath counts, so I believe they're not out until we've seen them shirtless.

Taking charge of traffic

This leg wasn't so bad. After all the heat and stress I'm glad the teams were able to have some fun. Well, except for Rock On losing their money and having to beg. But the worst penalty on this leg was the Goat Farmers having to eat an extra ice cream cone? Sweet.

Team Texi takes first place, thanks to Lexi's performance at the Roadblock. Dominate is next, and Boyfriend Ryan has accepted that he won't be on the winningest team ever. Rock On takes third and the Twins are fourth. Chippendales come in fifth.

Goat Farmers and Monster Truckers were selling together at the Roadblock, and Goats finished first. But their cab is stuck in traffic!

This is a first on the Race, I think: Josh pulls Brent out of the cab. Instead of finding another cab, they start directing traffic! They hold off pedestrians to let the cars pass, and when they see a van parked in the middle of the road, blocking it, they track down the driver and tell him to move. It's kind of awesome how they take charge. 

That fine effort pays off; Goat Farmers land in sixth place.

Monster Truckers are last. I wonder what would have happened if they hadn't taken the Metro? Or if they got off when the Chippendales did? I bet they wonder that, too.

Next week the Race goes to Moscow. Farewell, Istanbul (not Constantinople), thanks for inspiring They Might Be Giants to write such a nice song about you! It looks like Dominate and the Goat Farmers miss a flight. Oh no! And Rock On might lose all their stuff when their cab disappears. Oh no!