Monster Truck sees this move, worries, discusses, and then calls the Chipps followers. Rob claims that they'll win the leg. Let's see how this works out.

Best tradition of the Ottoman Empire

Teams get the Detour clue in a marketplace from a candy vendor. He hands them their clue along with a box of Turkish Delight (on a moonlit night).

The Detour, Phil tells us, involves two ancient traditions that date back to the Ottoman empire. One choice is to transport Turkish bagels known as simits on a tray balanced on your head and deliver them on foot to three separate restaurants. The other choice is to have a Turkish bath.

Now I can recall some misleading clues, like sit in an ice cave in your underwear for 10 minutes, or get the world's most painful foot massage. Even Boyfriend Ryan understands this: "It'll probably be painful but let's do it."

The Turkish bath is painful for some. Rock On James, describing the intensity of the massage, says,

"He pulled my heart out, showed it to me while it was beating, said 'Here, it's going too slow, here you go."

Boyfriend Ryan gets his foot scrubbed and says, "Look at that. Abbie won't do that for me. I need to get your number, dude."

At one point four teams -- Rock On, Twins, Texi, and Dominate -- are sprawled out on a large slab getting rubbed down. It looks awesome. They all leave at roughly the same time.

The Chippendales arrive just as the teams are leaving, so jumping into a cab was a good idea. It was also a good idea for them to take a bath, because we get to see them with their shirts off.  

Turkish food part I

Remember the Goat Farmers have a Speed Bump this leg? Before they can do the Detour, they have to go to a marked ice cream stand and buy two scoops of ice cream and eat it. Dude. I would rock that Speed Bump so hard, unless the ice cream was pepper flavored. 

Anyhow, they miss the marked ice cream stand, but they find another! The thing about Turkish ice cream is that it's served with a performance -- juggling, magic, joking around. We totally need this in America. The Beekman Boys finally grab the ice cream from the vendor and eat it quickly. They run back for a clue but they're denied.

So they find the correct ice cream vendor. Brent is not having the fun this time. He begs the vendor to hurry up, but that is not the plan. Eventually they finish their ice cream.

Turkish food part II

Goat Farmers choose to deliver simits, thinking the more physical task is quicker. Aw, they don't get a bath. Brent chooses to carry the simits because he has a nice flat head. "Not a lot of brain there," Josh says.

Oh, by the way, Monster Truck finally got off the metro and is now choosing to deliver simits as well. 

Josh leads Brent aimlessly through the streets, asking people for directions but not understanding the answer. Brent's not a fan of this strategy. 

The Goats and the Truckers finish at about the same time.

Turkish food part III