But the bartending option ("Master Mix"), in which teams had to mix seven cocktails and pour them simultaneously into a pyramid of glasses, was a killer. It was so hard, it looks like the producers ended up doing away with one part of the challenge.

On the official "Amazing Race" website, one of the Episode 4 photo captions says "Once the drinks are properly made, they then must deliver them across a pool in order to receive the next clue ... "

Good lord.

They ended up not having to deliver the drinks.

The Cowboys had the best time with Master Mix.

Dave and Connor struggled but they did get it eventually, even though, as Dave said 70 times if he said it once, he and Connor are Mormons and don’t know so much about bars and cocktails because they’re Mormons and don’t to to bars because they’re Mormons!

But Leo and Jamal gave up on the cocktail task entirely and switched to the DJ option. Detour switches haven't always worked out for the Afghanimals but this one did.

But Master Mix really took its toll on two teams -- Margie and Luke and Brendon and Rachel. They just couldn't get it, and they got very frustrated. Luke hurled glasses to the SkyBar floor and sobbed in the bathroom. Brendon and Rachel prayed on it.

It took Brendon and Rachel over 3 hours to do this task. Brendon got especially flustered. Credit Rachel for keeping his head in the game.

Here’s who’s looking the strongest:

The Cowboys -- This is what we said last week: "They really are just so capable. The only thing that can trip them up is major gaffe. But they have an Express Pass in their pocket." We are saying the same thing again.

Dave and Connor -- They have reached the Pit Stop in 3rd, 4th, 1st and 2nd place, and it doesn't seem likely they'll do any worse than that. They seem headed for the finale.

Leo and Jamal -- The top three teams from Leg 3 were the top three teams for leg 4. 

Here’s who’s looking kind of strong, for now at least:

The Country Singers --  This makes two cleanly run legs in a row for the Caroline and Jennifer, whose musical background helped them sail through the DJ challenge.

John and Jessica still have sleeper team written all over them. They've haven't reached the Pit Stop in higher than 5th place, but they've shown improvement each week.

Who has us worried:

The Globetrotters -- It helped that Big Easy finally got to do a Roadblock challenge, but this popular team still looks vulnerable.

Margie and Luke -- Maybe surviving this leg will give them some confidence, but Luke doesn't look like someone who learns life lessons.

Brendon and Rachel -- They arrived last at the Pit Stop, and will face a Speedbump challenge, just for them, on Leg 5.  

But don't count them out. Rachel said that Brendon has promised her she can have a human baby if they win. And she has no intention of losing.

"We're not quitters," Rachel said. "We're Brenchel."