Now everything makes sense.

In Episode 4 of what remains a not-so-stellar All-Star season, contestants looked into the camera and revealed to us the mysterious sources of their behavior.

We in Apartment 81 had been thinking all along, for instance, that Dave and Connor, the father-and-son cancer survivors, were excruciating boring. It turns out that all along they were just Mormons.

This turned out to be a non-elimination leg, which was good news for Brendon and Rachel, and good news for viewers, too. So far this season, Team Big Brother has generated more than their share of laughs, drama and emotion.

They really have matured since their last appearance, we think. And so does Margie, who like a lot of America, didn't like the old Rachel, at least the "Rachel" character that Rachel invented for "Big Brother" and her previous run on "Amazing Race."

"I thought Rachel was the biggest cry baby ever," Margie told America. "But tonight she really came through for us."


“The Amazing Race” is at its best when teams are either at each others’ throats or when they're throwing big bunches of grace at each other. Trust us, Apartment 81 loves a heaping helping of viciousness, but we actually prefer sweetness and light.

Rachel and Brendon's encouraging "applause" for Luke was super sweet, the stuff that highlight reels are made of.

Rachel is still a cry baby, of course. "It’s not fair," she repeated in the near-abandoned SkyBar, as Luke and Margie headed off to the Petronas Tower elevators and the Pit Stop. "It's not fair." And then they were upon her.

This episode continued some themes that have been in place since the beginning.

We had another boring Roadblock. Teams completed the bamboo trampoline challenge in almost the identical order of their Episode 3 finish, which took the drama out of plane assignments.

Connor looked especially impressive on this task. Cord of the Cowboys struggled more than we'd have guessed.

Jessica bloodied her foot on the bamboo, which looked like it might cause her trouble down the road. Fortunately, for Team John and Jessica, she didn't have to do any running in the rest of this leg. Rest up, Jess.

And Rachel learned, quickly, that panty hose and trampolines don't mix. She struggled, badly, with the trampoline, but Brendon shouted support from the sidelines.

“Work smarter, not harder,” he reminded her.

“I’m working my smartest!” she assured him.

From the Roadblock, teams flew from Borneo to Kuala Lumpur, where one of the most frustrating Detours in recent memory was awaiting them in the SkyBar at the top of the Petronas Towers.

The DJ option ("Mix Master") was tricky enough. Of the two options, it had the element of a possible time delay (having to get back in line at the DJ booth) that was out of the contestants' control.

The Globetrotters really struggled with this task, which convinced them that they had no future as professional DJ's. ("Stay in school kids," they said.)