Unfortunately, their skills are underutilized because they just panic. One of them calls for rescue while snorkeling. They finally decide to try the other Detour, and they are pleasantly surprised that the diving helmets allow them to breathe underwater. Oh, Doctor Brothers. If only you'd realized that before everyone else finished the pearl diving.

The finish line, non-dramatic edition

The top finishers of the Roadblock were Hockey (unsurprisingly good at balance), Fa/Son, and Dating J&J. They race on foot to Phil.

Yards away from the Amazing Mat, Father cries out, "I just ruptured my Achilles!" Ack! He keeps going, just slower.

Team Hockey is first, Fa/Son is second, and J&J are third. Father hasn't collapsed in pain, so maybe his Achilles isn't completely ruptured. You know who is really curious about this? John. If Fa/Son are out of the Race, then the second Express Pass is up for grabs, and J&J can really mess with teams' heads dangling that Pass around. Quite a mental and physical cliffhanger.

The next foot race is between Teams YouTube and Mullet. Chuck may be long of leg and swift of foot, but Wynona has pointed out a few times that she's no spring chicken, so YouTube takes fourth place and Mullet is fifth.

The Roller Moms, who did the underwater picnic and kind of raced apart from the pack, get to the Pit Stop in sixth place.

This week's best life skill actually applicable to race success

Four teams are still out there: the Doctor Brothers, finally finishing the Detour, the Singers and Newlyweds, and the Fearless Friends. The Friends get to the Roadblock first, and one says forebodingly, "Should be easy for me, I'm so good at balancing." The Newlyweds arrive next, followed by the Singers.

Guess what? Singer Caroline grew up doing gymnastics, and she says, "I just love anything nimble-y." I just love her right there for adjectiving an adverb. While Max and the Friend fall over and over, Caroline nimbly crosses the finish line. They get to Phil in seventh place.

The finish line, dramatic edition

Newlywed Katie watches Max fall over and over, and she wins the award for First Person to Say "Maybe I should have done it" at a Roadblock. Then she waits at the finish line where Max can see her. This motivates him, either out of love or fear of death at her hands, and he finishes. They are team number eight.

Friend is still falling over and over. Her foot has a blister, her hands hurt. But just when you think the Doctor Brothers will arrive and pass them, they don't. Fearless Friends are team number nine.

The Doctor Brothers get the sad music of farewell played over their Roadblock. They finish, but they are Philiminated. I bet they would have been so awesome anywhere that wasn’t in the middle of the ocean.

Join me next week when the Race goes to Phil's very own hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand! He promised on Twitter, "I helped set up some pretty wild challenges from my past." Will we get to see his dad again? I can't wait!