Bill and Cathi have been married for 50 years, and they explain that the key is, "we don’t argue and we don’t blame, and that’s how you get it done quickly." Jeremy and Sandy have been dating for eight months. She sums up their style: "You told me yesterday you would stop yelling at me and you haven’t."

In a category all their own, Laurence starts captaining Zac as soon as they’re in the water. Is this some strange version of stage mothering, like boat fathering? Because I’m pretty sure Zac knows what he’s doing in a canoe. Laurence basically rows with his mouth, coaching Zac entirely too much.

Zac tells Laurence, "You gotta not be frantic with this or we’re not gonna get it done." And that’s all the argument we hear from Zac. I would love to see more of his personality, but Laurence really overshadows him. Phil even agrees with me on Twitter: "Just for once I’d like to hear Zac yell back at his dad."

You don’t get to the Olympics by letting other people win

Get this: Ernie and Cindy get to the Double U-Turn mat first, and they choose not to use it. They must then run to the Pit Stop, which is at the end of an uphill dusty road. They talk about how the Snowboarders always get first place and they’d like to be first.

The Snowboarders don’t U-Turn anyone, either, and they take off running after Ernie and Cindy. Running, running. I think it’s going to be another fake-out ending, but no. Within sight of Phil, the Snowboarders overtake Cindy and get to the mat first. Did they need to do it? To win the entire Race, no. But I think they are programmed to always go for the win, run every leg like it’s the last, and by that reasoning they did need to do it. Ernie and Cindy are still frustrated, but I think they get over it quickly. (Phil’s Tweet: "How about that Double U-Turn now, Ernie and Cindy?" He’s snarky tonight!)

How not to U-Turn

The U-Turn mat is a little tricky to find after the Detour. Some teams are directed to it quickly, others can’t find it. As it happens, Amani and Marcus find the U-Turn before Laurence and Zac. They know that Justin and Jennifer are behind them, at least, and they don’t U-Turn. Then they pass Laurence and Zac, not directly in front of the sign but in the general area.

Blinded by hubris and canoe power, Laurence assumes that they are lost rather than ahead of him, and so he U-Turns them. Whoops. I’m glad it didn’t work, because I’m obviously a little irritated with Laurence this week and I don’t want to lose Amani and Marcus because of him.

Waiting is not a Race strategy

In the end, Justin and Jennifer can’t make up for the time she lost at the Roadblock. She’s apologetic, he’s understanding. They must have accepted their loss early on, because there is no arguing during the canoe race. Justin and Jennifer, I’m sorry to see that you are eliminated from the Race.

I think I like the Snowboarders, Ernie and Cindy, and Amani and Marcus. Yep, Top Three. Grandma and Grandpa are also pretty good, I don’t give them enough credit. Top Four. Jeremy and Sandy could use a little more time to work on their relationship, and Laurence could learn to take it down a notch or twenty. What do you think?