Abba wonders if they should just give up, but James tells him to work on the locks in case the cab driver is just looping around. James advises the camera, "Don't leave your bags in cabs, kids."

When they finish the Roadblock, the cab still has not appeared. They don't have their passports. (Phil Tweets two rules of the Race: read the clue and hold on to your passport.) They head for the Pit Stop anyway.

In the new cab, Abba moans about the driver. "Where's he going to take us? To a back alley to slit our throats and kill us? That'd be a fitting end to today." Somebody is a Debbie Downer, right?

They are the fourth team to arrive at the Pit Stop, but Phil says they need passports. He gets all stern teacher on them: "You must produce your passports to stay in the Race." They go sit on a fountain and think of how much they hate Moscow.

The rest of the story

Remember Dominate and Goat Farmers? Stranded at the airport? Knowing they're the last two teams, they make a pact to run the leg together as one unit. Is that the sweetest thing you've ever seen? It's like all the evil from last week with the stolen money has been turned around into good. How can anybody hate Abbie and Her Boyfriend?

If you're wondering what will happen if they arrive at the mat together, Phil tweets that they have it covered with video to determine the winner.

Abbie and the Boys get to Moscow, finally. When they read the Detour clue, they want to do Alphabetize because they can work on it all together. Unfortunately the library is already closed, so they have to do Synchronized.

Abbie is ready for choreography because she's a dance teacher. Ryan says that, regardless of the lack of sleep, lack of food, and the emotional distress, adrenaline kicked in. They both have fun and they finish the task.

Brent, unfortunately, has no background in swimming, and he's been hoping to avoid a water task. He doesn't think he can tread water and do movements. Josh tries to help him practice rolls in the pool.

When they perform, the Coach yells at him to "Swim! Swim!" She tells the camera, "He wasn't even swimming, he's like a buoy."

Brent tells Josh that he panics when he swallows water and he can't remember the moves. Coach tells him to swim again.

Abbie and Her Boyfriend sit at the edge of the pool and wait, because they made a deal to run the leg together, and they are awesome. 

And then? To Be Continued ... 

This is the most mixed-up ending of any episode ever, I think. There are three teams battling for last place and two of them seem hopeless. Will Brent ever survive the swimming? Will Rock On miraculously find their passports? Will Abbie and Boyfriend Ryan wait forever? Nobody knows! 

That's so Moscow, you guys.