Afghanimals and Beards both struggle at the polka, but Afghanimals put on a show posing as Neptune. “My wife is Polish, she’s pregnant,” one calls out. Later, they spot a man wearing a BYU football t-shirt. “I went to BYU,” one says. The t-shirt man says he’ll give them money if they can name two quarterbacks. Good show, t-shirt man! But then his very own children take the money out of his hand and put it in the box.

The Beards are back posing, and they are wilting, sadly. They beg loudly, but it still takes a long time to finish.

Doughnuts and good manners

After the Detour, teams are sent to the Falowiec building, the longest apartment building in Poland. It houses 6,000 people and is over half-a-mile long. It is epic. The Roadblock is to visit a list of apartments and taste a paczki, a kind of filled donut, in each one. When they find a doughnut with red filling, they’ll get a clue. Warning: teams may be penalized for bad manners. That was written for Marie, right?

Overachiever Amy and Marie work on it together, since they are the first teams. I think Amy helped Marie out with her manners. Out on the lawn, Jason shows Tim the polka. Marie tweeted after the episode: “By far my favorite to do my 2 fav things: eat donuts and RUN STAIRS!!”

Husband Travis and Bunny Wife Kim also start doing the Roadblock. In a delightful moment, Kim waits for a down elevator while Travis takes the stairs. He hits the call button for the elevator on each floor! So there’s Kim, stopping at every floor, telling the camera that apparently Travis is messing with her.

Even more strategically, Travis finds Amy and Marie and starts following them, since they’ve already visited a number of apartments. They try to run from him, but they can’t shake him, so instead they all split up and work together. Travis points out that the best way to work as a team is to catch up. He then finds the correct apartment and tells the ladies. 

Pink Ice gets to the Roadblock before Afghanimals, but they eventually team up and finish it together.

Sadder than sad

The Pit Stop is on the longest wooden pier in Europe, extending more than 1,600 feet into the Baltic Sea. Tim and Marie come in first, earning a trip to Hawaii which they will fight over. The Daters and the Marrieds share the mat with them.

The Bunny Wives come in fourth place, followed by Oklahoma in fifth. Afghanimals and Pink Ice are next. Team Beard gets the Music of Sadness as Adam searches the apartment building for a doughnut. As the shadows grow long over the Baltic Sea, they check in last and are eliminated. They were my favorite team; I need a moment. Maybe a week’s worth of moments.

Next week: the Vienna Boys Choir! And Marie steals a cab.