The Afghanimals, we noted earlier this season, look like they're in peak condition. That doesn't always matter on the "Amazing Race," but it doesn’t hurt.

"It's Cowboys versus Indians," Jamaal yelled when the Afganimals finished first just steps ahead of Jet and Cord.  They're reward was a trip to Berlin and a 10 second head start in the next leg of the race.  Let's hope it's as exciting as this week was! 

Here’s who’s looking the strongest:

The Cowboys -- They just missed out on another first-place finish, which would have made three this season. They still have an Express Pass in their pocket, too. They made the Trunk task look so easy.

Leo and Jamal -- They finally finished ahead of The Cowboys, and boy were they happy. That should give them a lot of confidence coming into the home stretch.

Dave and Connor -- They have reached the Pit Stop in 3rd, 4th, 1st and 2nd place, and it doesn't seem likely they'll do any worse than that. They seem headed for the finale.

John and Jessica -- Has the sleeper team finally woke up? They're getting better every week, and this was their best finish yet.  

Here’s who has us worried:

The Country Singers --  Like they themselves said, the competition is tough this season. Running a clean race is not enough. They have a Speed Bump coming up in Episode 7.

The Globetrotters -- They still haven't finished a leg higher than 6th. There are only seven teams left. You do the math.

Brendon and Rachel -- At least they're finally out of the basement, and, yes, they're survivors. But they're going to need more than luck and confidence to win this season.