You know when you thought you’d never have a use for long division when you grew up? What if you grew up to be on "The Amazing Race"? What then!?

The Roadblock is all about math skills. Dare I say, math skillz, even. First, you take a crowded, sweaty, stinky, loud cattle auction. Then, the auctioneer gives you the total weight of cattle in one pen. You add up all the cattle in the pen and then divide it into the total weight to calculate the average weight per cow. Got it? Oh, and take your answer downstairs to the Gaucho in charge before the auction ends, or you have to start over.
You know who rocks at this? Non-Bopper Mark. He’s worked in cattle yards and he’s good with numbers. He did forget to round the last number so they took third place instead of first, but I’ll forgive him this time.
You know who doesn’t rock at this? Almost everyone else. Mississippi Cousin Stacy helps her 11-year-old with his homework, so she finishes quickly, but all the other teams start joining up. Border Patrol Agent shuns BB Rachel to work with Army Wife Rachel (helping her and Dave take first place again). Twin 1 works with Not Jersey Boy so they can pass up the Clown.
The “Tears of a Clown” line would have gotten old, anyway

Dave and Cherie, the clowns, were doing fine in the middle of the pack. They caught the mid-pack bus to Buenos Aires. But then a mysterious bump in the night shattered one of the bus’s windows and that mid-pack bus turned into the last bus. Of doom.
Poor Dave ended up doing the Roadblock, and he just didn’t have the math skillz. He stayed at that cattle auction until most of the cows went home, and Cherie cheered him on the whole time. They wore their red clown noses to the mat, but they couldn’t distract Phil from his official Philimination duties. Now the sound editors can’t play wacky circus music during the episodes anymore. Let’s all make a sad clown face together, shall we?
Hey, join me next week because something awesome will happen. It involves stacking watermelons into a pyramid. Do you remember the last time this show had a melon challenge? One woman got smacked in the face with a watermelon! Melons are gold for this show, I’m telling you.