Here’s who’s looking the strongest:

Dave and Connor -- They reached the Pit Stop in 1st for the second time this season, and have never finished worse than 4th.If they have a weakness, we can't see it. 

The Cowboys -- They have been struggling a little bit with some tasks, but they still have the Express Pass. It's hard to see them not making the final four.

Leo and Jamal -- The Afghanimals slipped back to fourth place, but they still look strong.

Here’s who’s looking kind of strong, for now at least:

The Country Singers --  The only all-female team left in the competition has something to prove. They've improved every week, arriving second at this week's Pit Stop.

Brendon and Rachel -- They have survived three shaky weeks in a row and finally look like they're on equal footing with the other teams.

Who has us worried:

The Globetrotters -- They were the second team to arrive at the garment factory but the next to last team to leave it.

John and Jessica still haven't reached the Pit Stop in higher than 5th place. Are they a sleeper team, or just sleepy?