When flirtation fails

When Caroline and Jennifer finally get out of the bog, they ask a shop owner for directions to the next stop. He helps out, and then says, “You’ll never meet a man like me.” These singers just collect men everywhere.

Alas, he has sent them to a field in the middle of nowhere. When they finally get the Detour clue, they choose the other option, which is to head to a skate park and fill in a graffiti picture. They do it, probably using a can of chartreuse.

When flirtation fails again

Max and Katie make it to the Pit Stop just a minute before Bates and Anthony. Mona and Beth are about forty minutes later, and they believe they’re in last place. When Phil tells them they’re third, Beth has a hard time believing him. They cry. I cry. 

The Singers are never able to catch up. Too bad they couldn’t stick with their Hockey boyfriends for this leg. They are eliminated, and they tell Phil that they’re going to go home and write songs about all they’ve been through.

Have a pint for me

Moving right into the next leg, the teams are sent to Liverpool via ferry, they’re all bunched together. Then they have to go to a certain bar and get a pint of beer for their next clue. The top three are friendly on the ferry, and they even toast each other at the bar, but then it’s game on as they’re sent to the final destination city: Washington, DC.

Photo with the President

In DC, first they have to stand on the step where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his “I have a dream” speech. They take a moment to visualize, and it is quite moving, even in the short time allotted.

After that, they’re sent to 1100 Pennsylvania Ave to meet with the Secret Service and get a photo with President Obama. Yes, that’s what it says. Max and Katie are wary, because Max is so Republican. Bates and Anthony are in disbelief, and Mona and Beth are overly giddy.

Now, the White House is at 1600 Penn. You’d know that if you saw the movie. Or if you just learned it somewhere. 1100 Penn is like a back door to a mall. Due to faulty direction-giving, Mona and Beth are dropped off at the White House and have to walk a few blocks down. They finally get a second cab the rest of the way, but they are the last to get there.

Oh, look, Secret Service guys! With their sunglasses and earpieces! Max and Katie are first to be ushered through the mall and into a novelty photo store, where their photos are inserted into a background so it looks like they are shaking hands with the President. It’s actually a good-looking picture. Max is totally relieved not to have to shake hands with a Democrat.

Bates and Anthony are disappointed that it’s not a real picture, Bates even took his hat off! 

Mona and Beth are also disappointed but they realize that the President probably had better things to do than wait around to get his picture taken with them. I don’t know, if I were president I would do it! If it meant I got to meet Phil.

The spy who loves you if you say the right thing

Next is a Switchback Roadblock. They’ve played the spy briefcase game before, but I can’t remember the exact season. Phil tweeted that the last time they were in DC, they were shooting in standard definition, not high def, so that gives you a clue.

So one person gets a briefcase and then walks around the tidal basin trying to find the correct agent out of fifty by saying a secret passphrase. 

Max starts first, but he’s not so lucky. Bates gets there next and finds his agent. The key to opening the briefcase is the order in which they finished in New Zealand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Cool, a research question!

All the teams have been keeping notebooks full of trivia, so they are able to get their clues. Bates finishes first, then Beth and Max. While waiting for Max, Katie informs the camera that he is an idiot who has no idea what he’s doing. There’s that newlywed spirit!