'It's Do or Die'

Yung "Woo" Hwang on the season finale of 'Survivor: Cagayan' (Screen Grab / / May 16, 2014)

It’s the two-hour finale, and we start out with Jeff and the live studio audience in L.A. So I guess they have to sit and watch the show with the rest of us?

But before we get into that, we have to go over the entire season, where I’m reminded of players that I have completely forgotten. Sorry, girl with the dreads from Brawn. Oh, it was Lindsay, and she chose to go home. I had completely forgotten about that. And it’s amazing that both Kass and Spencer have made it this far, considering how badly the Brain tribe did at the beginning.

So Tony, Woo, Spencer and Kass are the Final Four. Tony has had almost every Idol in the game, it seems, and he’s trying to convince everyone that his ‘special’ Idol can be used this week (it can’t). Then we have Woo, who is my favorite, which means he’s totally not going to win, and will probably go home first.

I thought I liked Tony the least, but after watching Kass’ behavior at the last Tribal Council (she flipped Trish the bird as she was voted out -- very klassy, Kass) I think I would be the most upset if she won.

Finally, there is Spencer, who has hung onto this game by the skin of his teeth the entire time. If Woo can’t win, I would be happy with Spencer.

Back from Tribal Council, Tony admits that he voted for Trish. Well, that explains why he didn’t give her his Idol last week. And now Tony attempts to convince everyone that his Idol is still good without outright saying it (are there some sort of rules about that?). Kass has her doubts, as well she should.

Kass and Tony talk about Trish, and Kass realizes that Tony got rid of her because he thought everyone liked her too much. Kass, much like me, realizes that not many people liked Trish, that she wasn’t a threat after all. And forget about not being able to say that he can use the special Idol, because Tony totally tells Kass that.

A boat arrives on the beach. Everyone is hopeful for food, and they do get food, but they also get their loved ones. Kass gets her husband, Woo gets his cousin, Spencer gets his sister, but Tony’s wife isn’t there. They have a four-month-old baby, so she stayed home; his friend, Arnold, is there instead. Tony describes his disappointment at not seeing his wife, and it’s nice to see him acting like a real person for once.

Everyone chows down; Woo is especially grateful for the crunchy peanut butter. They get Treemail with hints that the upcoming Immunity Challenge will involve heights. Woo is excited, and goes on a lovely confessional/rant on what it would be like to win, including proposing to his girlfriend (after getting permission from her parents, of course.) Woo is lovely. If he doesn’t win this, he needs his own show. He needs his own show even if he does win.

Live Jeff (as opposed to Island Jeff) shows us where they’re hiding the contestants, and they’re down in the basement sequestered from everyone else.

Back on the island, it’s time for the Immunity Challenge. Jeff chats with the family members a bit, and they get to stay to watch the challenge. For this challenge, they have to stand on a pole high over the water and very gingerly raise water in a bucket. The bucket then gets poured into a bamboo pole, which raises a key. Once they get their key, you guessed it, they have to unlock puzzle pieces. First one done the puzzle is guaranteed a spot in the Final Three.

Kass is very uncomfortable up on the pole, and is not doing well. Tony is doing well, and Spencer and Woo are close behind. Spencer is cheering Woo on, so you know who they don’t want to win. Tony is the first to get his key, but has to climb down the pole instead of jumping in because he can’t swim. Who would come on "Survivor" if they can’t swim?

Spencer and Tony are the first to the puzzle, followed by Woo. Kass can’t get water into the chute, and is very far behind. She finally gets to the puzzle and starts to move quickly. Like, really, really quickly. As in she totally comes from behind and wins Immunity.

So will Spencer be going home because Kass can’t stand him? Or will she play more strategically (although, realistically, I don’t see her winning against any of them.)

The first thing she says back at the beach is that she can’t wait to send Spencer home. So there’s that. Spencer wants to talk to Tony, which has to be insulting to Woo, because who else would be going home? Spencer thinks that there will be a Final Two this year, instead of a Final Three. I don’t know if he believes it, but he’s trying to make a pitch to Tony to keep him around.

Woo doesn’t know what happens if there’s a tie in the Final Four. He suggests fighting for it, which would be awesome. I think they have to make fire, though.

Tribal Council time! Jeff talks about Kass’ victory at Tribal Council, and the jury looks a little put out that they got to see their loved ones. Maybe the jury didn’t get to see anyone. Spencer lays out his plan for the Final Two, because, really, he’s got nothing left to lose. But then he says that he would tell the jury to vote for Tony instead of him, which...what?

Kass admits that she has a better chance against Woo than Tony, which totally freaks Tony out. Let’s get to the voting already!

Before Jeff reads the votes, Tony admits that his Idol is useless. The look on Spencer’s face when he realizes that he could have gotten rid of Tony is priceless. And the next look on his face isn’t so good either, because Spencer is going home.

So does that mean Woo made it to the final three? Yay! But not so much yay, because there is indeed another Immunity Challenge, so Spencer was right, and there will be a Final Two this year for the jury to vote on.