It's an interesting routine, blending the stepping that Brandon does, the "animating" Cyrus does, and the martial arts moves Cole does.

There are still three routines left, even though we've now met all 20 dancers. Cat teases a Travis Wall dance with the top 10 women, so I'm guessing there will also be top 10 men, and a routine with all 20.

Promotion of National Dance Day, if you're into that sort of thing.

Travis's story for the dance is that it's the gateway to the next world, kind of a "move into the light" thing. I'm quickly realizing I'm not going to be able to tell Tiffany and Audrey apart for a while.

The dance starts with a white door on stage with a very strong spotlight behind it. Throughout the routine it's sometimes difficult to watch the routine because one of the camera angles shines the spotlight straight at us.

At the end of the routine, one dancer stands on the spotlight side of the door, and surprise, surprise, it's Alexa. They're going to try to make us like her like they tried to make us like Ryan last year, aren't they?

Sonya Tayeh is back for a second choreographing gig tonight, working with the top 10 men. She says she wants blood, sweat, and tears in her dance. The first thing she does is makes the men take off their shirts. I approve. Will's a little embarrassed by his "jiggle."

The routine starts and it's almost a little more balletic than I would like. I'd like to see something a little bit more aggressive, more into the floor with their steps, more confrontational in their moves toward one another.

Nigel gets the line of the night when he criticizes the costuming as "maternity pants." And then we get a little bit of a joke about Will's jiggle again. Mary points out the assisted lift that sent George flying across the stage.

And now it's a routine for all 20 choreographed by Mia Michaels. Because Janelle is not performing, Brandon is left by himself during the partnered moments. Poor guy. That was an odd routine from Mia -- it almost felt like it was just getting started right as it ended.

See you next week, when the dancers will be paired off, the judges will be meaner, and we get to vote.