Oh, I just realized because of the boy/girl pairings tonight, we won't see one of my favorite of Mia's routines: the "Two Princes" with Neil and and Danny.

Audrey and Matt have the "Dead Dad" piece. Which, you know, it's fine, but even at the time, I thought was praised as much out of sympathy for Mia's loss as its actual merit. Shoe Alert: Matt is in a full suit, but no shoes. Since Audrey's dress could double as a nightgown, her shoelessness isn't quite so egregious.

Mary cries because she has a personal memory of seeing this piece for the first time right after her father was diagnosed with lung cancer. And then explains that that's why she was off the show for a year -- she went to care for him. She praises Matt and Audrey's performance.

Billy singles out Audrey's pirouette, and then points out that Matt drops his performance face when he's about to hit a difficult part of the choreography. Nigel makes it a pop quiz about the history of Mia and her dad, which neither of the dancers pass too well. I think it's kind of BS -- the choreography should speak for itself. If I need the liner notes to "appreciate" it, it's not done its job.

Witney and Chehon. They have the "bench dance" which Mia's "tweaking" to give a "facelift." Witney first saw this routine when she was 12. If you need a moment to feel old, do''t worry -- I took one too. Incidentally, this is the routine that won Mia her first Emmy.

The only problem I have with this in comparison to Travis and Heidi dancing it, is that Witney has that sexbomb face and hair, in a way Heidi didn't, that compromises some of the moves and makes them seem more sensual than I think they're meant to.

Now Nigel schools the contestants on the backstory to the choreography -- you know how I feel about that. Mary praises Chehon's technique, but points out that he needs to lose control a little bit more in his dancing. Michael singles out Witney's hometown as being full of great dancers. And then offers Chehon a job. So ...

Lindsay and Cole: They've got the "Addiction" routine. Mia points out that "Lindsay has to not worry about not being a pretty dancer." That's been my concern for Lindsay and Witney all along. Her legs aren't as amazing as Kayla's. Which, if you're going to be doing the exact same choreography, it's hard not to compare. And this is a weird thing to point out, I know, but Kayla's paleness brought something to the staging -- made her look more vulnerable and ghostly, like someone in the throes of addiction.

Billy was "very impressed" with that. He says they showcased their versatility. Mary thinks it was the best of the night. Nigel points out that having to do choreography with which the audience is familiar is something professional dancers encounter all the time. He also thinks this was the best performance of the night.

And now it's time to reveal the bottom six: Eliana and Cyrus are both safe. Tiffany is safe, but George is in the bottom. Will is safe, Amelia is in danger. Janelle and Dareian are in the bottom six. Cat's got three couples left, and only one male and one female will be in danger. Those are Matthew and Lindsay. Audrey, Witney, Chehon and Cole are all safe.

Nigel asks for solos from all six. Amelia is up first and does a very standard contemporary solo. This is a girl who just doesn't know how to maximize her quirk. Janelle has the most defined abs I've ever seen on a bellydancer. Lindsay has to do one of those awkward solo ballroom routines. Nothing looks weirder than a solo samba roll. They never look right. But I can't doubt that she gets saved after tonight's "Addiction" piece.

George is such a beautiful dancer technically -- I can't figure out why I don't connect with him more. Dareian and his terrible feet flail around shirtless for a bit. Matthew does cute boy as well as anyone in this competition.

No shocker, and Nigel even admits it was a lot because of tonight's routines -- Lindsay is saved. Nigel thinks Matthew doesn't connect with the audience and he points out Dareian's feet. And ends up saving George. There's a lot of unhappy girls out there tonight, given how crush-worthy Matt is.

See you next week, when we have a Top 10. I hope the couples get mixed up, like they have in seasons past at this point.

Cat tells me they will break up the couples, but they'll be bringing in the All-Stars. I hope it's not all contestant/All-Star pairings. We'll just have to wait and see.