Now Chehon and Cyrus dance together in a routine choreographed by Sonya Tayeh. Where's Travis Wall been all this show? Sonya gets us, the audience, because she has both Chehon and Cyrus dancing shirtless. Although, can't say I'm super in love with the dubstep music.

Nigel is giving Cyrus the "you've improved so much" speech.  And then tells Chehon that he's improved as a person and that he's Nigel's favorite dancer. And then there's a weird gratuitous mention of and cut to Jennifer Beals in the audience.

They give the dancers a much needed breather to feature b-boy guest Jean Sok who is missing his left leg below the knee and dances with a pair of crutches. He discards first one crutch and then the other, so he's standing only on his one leg by the end of the routine. It is really impressive and makes me wish I'd seen more of the Paralympics.

Chehon's journey includes him being goofy with a banana, which I wish we'd seen before. It also has a head duck near the end of his interview that is just the cutest thing ever. His solo is very, very good and uses all those tricks to just begin to develop a mood for the piece.

Ah! There's Travis - choreographing for Alex Wong and Eliana. Wait, did Travis steal Mandy Moore's iPod? This Harry Nilsson "Without You" is straight out of her playbook. Although she probably would've used the Celine Dion cover. I actually find the song distracting from some fine dancing from these two.

It was Nigel's favorite routine of the night. Hmmm. Can't say the same for me. I'd give it to Chehon and Allison for that contemporary routine. OH WOW. Nigel now says Eliana is his favorite dancer of all time on the show. Mary gushes over Alex and is glad to see him after his injuries in his own competitive seasons. Mary praises Eliana's passion and extensions. 

Chehon and Tiffany are doing a rumba choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin. Rumba is my least favorite of the ballroom dances - as it's usually so slow and boring. I do like this cover of "Love Me Tender," though, by Norah Jones and Adam Levy. Also, both dancers are wearing shoes. So you know that makes me happy. Wait, was that another kiss? Is Chehon kissing EVERYbody tonight? Where do I get in line?

Mary compliments Dmitry on his choreography. Mary says this is the ballroom dance that should have suited Chehon the most, even though she doesn't feel like she saw the chemistry. Rob felt like he did see a connection between the two dancers. Nigel points out that this dance was actually sexier than the pole dance earlier. Nigel jokes that when they finally afford a shirt for Chehon they couldn't afford the buttons? Mary replies that it was, after all, Dmitry who choreographed it. Cut to Dmitry in the audience, who immediately rips open his shirt down to the navel. Love it.

And now, Twitch and Cyrus do the first ever "animation" routine on the show. Christopher Scott is choreographing. Cyrus is grinning ear to ear in rehearsals; he's so happy about the routine. Oh, cool! The routine starts with them behind glass frames, as if they've been lab specimens. And then they KICK OUT THE GLASS all over stage. HOT. And, yes, Cyrus is slightly better at the animation, but my eyes are always, always drawn to Twitch as he's one of my favorite ever contestants on the show.

The crowd goes apenuts and the judges are all standing at their table. Ok, during the rehearsal it listed Twitch as 6'0". So how tall is Cat in heels, seriously? Because she's STILL taller than him. Rob loved it. Mary loved it. Nigel praises Twitch for picking up the animation. Why does Nigel admit that he's not going to vote for Cyrus? All that's going to do is make America pick up the phone for Cyrus even more. It didn't need to be said.  Way to piss on Cyrus's triumphant moment, Nige.

Tune in next Tuesday to find out who wins. I'm hoping it's Eliana for the women and Chehon for the men, but I'm guessing it's going to be Eliana and Cyrus.