Misty tells Emily that she recovered well from the slip but looked uncomfortable through the routine. She loved Teddy. Based on rehearsal footage close-ups and tonight's close-ups, Teddy is making liberal use of the makeup department's concealer and foundation stash. Not that I blame him. HD is a cruel mistress. Mary congratulates them but then says "you got through it," which is never a great compliment. Nigel tells us Emily dislocated her shoulder this morning. He thinks the couple might have been worried about her injury during the routine. 

Jacque's first performance involved a lot of pink and a lot of fur. Zack's first performance was pigeon toed and in sequined trousers. They're getting a Sonya Tayeh jazz routine about a couple who had a fling in the past and bump into each other. 

Mary wondered if Jacque was going to dance in the high, high heels she had on at the beginning and she liked the slinky way Jacque had of getting out of them. Mary also loves the way Zack gets into the character of each dance. After Nigel praises Sonya, he says he had trouble connecting to this routine, despite the dancers being very, very good. Misty wants to pick on Jacque, expecting more refinement in her feet. She explains that she criticizes the dancers harshly because they're so good and she only wants them to get better. Sweat is literally dripping off Zack as he stands next to Cat.

Casey was 8, doing a hip-hop routine with frosted tips in his hair. Brooklyn's first performance was a tap routine that she now thinks she took way too seriously. Choreographer Will "WilldaBeast" Adams wants them to hit it hard and get low. This is the kind of hip-hop I like. Down into the floor, hard. That being said, they're both a little light on it to me, Casey more so than Brooklyn. Also they seem to be wearing bulletproof vests, which are sometimes hampering their upper-body movements. 

Nigel is thrilled to have WilldaBeast as a choreographer on the show. However, he's dubious about the vests. He also thinks they needed to get down more and get it from the gut. But he says Brooklyn did a "damn good attempt." Oh, lordy. Nigel and I are in agreement. Mary thought the second half of the routine was better than the first and echoes Nigel and Misty in singling out Brooklyn for praise. 

Now we get a mini-group routine with Tanisha, Zack, Casey, Brooklyn, Serge, Emily, Emilio and Valerie in a Sonya Tayeh routine which the choreographer names "The Village of Broken People." I'm not sure if we're seeing this performed live or if it was pre-recorded. Tanisha gets a bit of a spotlight when she's hurled atop all the other dances and then steps out solo toward the camera. Interesting that Sonya's favoring Tanisha here. Emilio also gets a little mini-solo when he's carried atop the other dancers. 

Misty calls them a cohesive unit but singles out Tanisha as a shining star. Mary calls it "brilliant" and thinks each and every one of the dancers was a star at some point in the routine. Nigel says this is "the Sonya Tayeh [he] loves." He also adds that he's not normally a Bjork fan but when paired with Sonya, suddenly it works. 

Cat says she feels like she needs to do a "happy dance" to lift things up after Emilio spews out some heavy sounding blather. So she does a little goofy Charleston-ish move. I really do love Cat. 

The other eight dancers — Bridget, Marcquet, Teddy, Carly, Jessica, Ricky, Jacque and Rudy — are in a Travis Wall routine about the "outlaws escaping." They're dancing to a OneRepublic song that I've Shazamed twice in the last week because I still can't believe it's OneRepublic. There are a lot of crazy lifts and falls, almost like a cheerleading routine. It's an interesting contrast to the Sonya routine. She had her dancers bunched together for a lot of the dance, but Travis has the dancers spread out often filling the whole stage.

Nigel compliments the director's cutting, Travis's choreography and the dancers. Misty says it was incredible, and that she loved Ricky especially. Cat says what I'm thinking, which is that Ricky looks good in guy-liner. Mary stands and cheers. She tells Marcquet he tore that routine up and Marcquet mock faints. Mary also praises Carly's trust in her fellow dancers during that crazy lift and fall.

Actress Lucy Hale sings. You guys, I don't think she's going to make it to the next round of "American Idol."

Nigel says America hasn't made it easy for them, but it's never easy. He then drops the bomb that they'll be eliminating four dancers next week. Dang. Nigel says they try to stick with America's vote as much as possible, unless one of the bottom two dancers (male and female) really sticks out. He then adds that this week, these six dancers all stood out. Marcquet and Brooklyn get the axe, which is how America voted. America, why do we hate ballroom dancers? 

Aw, Cat reminds us that Marcquet and Brooklyn auditioned together. I'm sorrier to see Brooklyn go than Marcquet.

This means Casey and Jessica will be paired up next week. That's Jessica's third partner in as many weeks. Is she the kiss of death? Watch out, Casey!