Meanwhile, Fitz has stopped even pretending to be cordial to Mellie. When she tries to talk to him about Andrew being taken off the ticket, he brushes her off saying he will talk to Olivia. Mellie insists that she’s trying to be helpful, but Fitz is still upset about Mellie’s (smart) suggestion that Olivia get a fake boyfriend. When he demands that she stay away from Olivia, she asks him (in the saddest, best speech of this episode) what it feels like to be that in love with someone. His answer? “Mellie, I don’t have time.”

In another flashback, we discover that Andrew not only saved her life, but he is the only person that she told about Jerry raping her and possibly being Little Jerry’s father. 

Then, hours after that talk with Fitz, Mellie has to deal with Olivia being awful. Her team figured out that Mellie was the one who took the oxy, and assumes that Andrew is taking the fall for Mellie because they had an affair. Mellie makes it very clear that she and Olivia are not the same. She had the opportunity to cheat, but refused to do so.

Well, up until this point. Later, in a room covered with paintings of former First Ladies, Mellie finally kisses Andrew. And no one can be mad at her for that. 

We end the episode with the best scene, per usual. Adnan’s plan isn’t clear, yet, but she does seem to be interested in the Grant campaign. She had Harrison donate the briefcase of cash, and shows up at the donor dinner to talk to Cyrus. She then goes back to her hotel…where Mama Pope is waiting or her. Yes, international criminals Marie Wallace/Mama Pope and Adnan Salif have teamed up. And the pay off had better be brilliant. 


•••• Hollis Doyle is back!! He didn’t do much besides make the occasional racist joke and double-cross Sally by agreeing to donate to the Grant campaign, but so glad to see Pure Evil once again.

•••• Sally is having flashbacks of murdering D.D., which is going to be a problem very soon, I’m assuming.

•••• Jake’s Command Orientation Packet (a creepy briefcase with a recorded message) tells him that he has a spy in the White House, who will be revealed to him soon. Of course, its Secret Service Agent Tom with a recording of Olivia admitting to Fitz that she may have feelings for Jake.

•••• Quinn shows off her hacking skills and gets Jake images of Leo Bergen meeting with Rowan from the National Park Service’s cameras.

•••• Huck tries to make amends with Liv by awkwardly bringing her coffee throughout the episode. When she finally calls him on it, he explains that coffee is how people apologize. He’s sorry for what he did to Quinn, but blames Liv for giving him something to love because he is a “monster.” Liv’s pet monster, but a monster, all the same. And “monsters eat people.”

Next week: The preview promises one of those OMG moments that “Scandal” is known for and honestly, we need it. There’s a quick shot of a gun, so hopefully, a member of my list is about to get offed.