Cyrus meets up with Mellie to update her about the new plan to pimp James to D.D. Mellie’s hesitant, worried about James potentially cheating on Cyrus. Cyrus tells Mellie that this is James and not Fitz. He isn’t worried in the slightest.
Olivia shows up to work, and Jake instantly knows why she missed his call the night before: Fitz. Reminding Olivia that he told her Fitz would find a way to reach her, Jake sips his coffee and leaves.
The great Ava DuVernay (“Middle of Nowhere”) directed this episode and live-tweeted the entire thing. Here, she re-tweeted someone who said Jake always “reads Olivia to filth lowkey,” tagging Scott Foley and translating the slang for him. It was just awesome. Seriously, go look at her timeline for extra insider goodies.
The rest of P&A is back to focusing on the security camera footage when Josie and Candace arrive. Josie is obviously furious, but Candace stands by what she did. Olivia asks the others to leave the room. Josie is giving up. Olivia tells her that if they handle this right, it will just be “a bump in the road,” but she’ll have to fire Candace. They set up a press conference.
Meanwhile, D.D. and James are giving this interview/booty call another try. James freaks when D.D. kisses him. D.D. is furious, saying he never would have tried anything if he hadn’t heard that James was in an open marriage. When D.D. tells him that Mellie was the one who told him that lie, it suddenly clicks and he realizes what Cyrus was doing all along.
At the press conference, Josie withdraws her candidacy rather than fire her own daughter, because Candace is “just a kid.” She plans to make a plea deal for Candace, go back to Montana and see what happens from there. Whatever.
Mellie goes to the Oval to talk to Fitz about the status of things. She asks about “New Hampshire,” and then mentions that Josie dropped out of the race, which means Olivia’s available again. The look of shock on Fitz’s face when she suggests they try to hire her again is no match for the shock on Cyrus’ face in the next scene.
He’s waiting up for James anxiously, and pretends to be asleep when he hears him coming. (“Try a Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding is playing in the background and it is perfect, btw.) James gets in and heads straight for the shower, which should have been a dead giveaway for Cyrus, especially when he tells him not to wait up before saying that he loves him.
Cyrus’s phone buzzes with the arrival of surveillance photos from one of Cyrus' spies of James sleeping with D.D.
At the weird hospital, the doctor is trying to sedate Maya, but she has other plans. By the time Rowan shows up, the doctor is passed out on the floor and Maya is gone. Gone where? To find Olivia, who is thoroughly shocked to see her not-dead mom.
Meanwhile, Quinn gets to her apartment, where Huck is waiting for her in the dark, with his torture kit on display. He wants to talk about her involvement with B613, because Huck is not stupid and you suck at lying, Quinn.
Next time: We have to wait two whole weeks for the next episode, because of Thanksgiving. Ugh. The winter finale promises to be everything, though. That preview of Huck licking Quinn’s face menacingly was all I needed to see.