Josie wonders if they should go to the press. Olivia assures her that the press will come to them, they will opt not to give a statement, and it will work out in their favor. Like clockwork, she gets a call from The New York Times.
James is frustrated because his interview with Daniel Douglas, who I am referring to as D.D. from now on to save time and keystrokes, was a flop. All D.D. wanted to talk about was college football, no matter how many serious topics James tried to bring up. Cyrus tells him to give it another try, in a less-formal setting and wearing this cute, purple v-neck. This is one of the most manipulative things Cyrus has done on this show.
Charlie reports to Rowan about his progress with Quinn. He had her recruited so that he could further spy on Olivia, and tells Charlie to “do as you were told” if Quinn gets caught spying. So, she’s going to die, right?
Charlie leaves. Rowan begins to sort through a file of news clippings of Olivia. He takes them to Maya’s hospital room. She’s awake, despairing over the fact that her plan didn’t work. But Rowan, there to be compassionate, shows her the press clippings of Olivia. The look on her face when she sees how beautiful her daughter has become is heartbreaking.
When Olivia gets back to her apartment, Tom the Secret Service Agent is waiting for her with a package from Fitz: surveillance photos of her and Rowan. At the sight of them, she agrees to meet him, hopping on a helicopter to Vermont.
Can we talk for a moment about how much I dislike the green screen scenes on every ABC show I watch, from “Once Upon a Time” to “Grey’s Anatomy?” The effects just don’t look good. I get that it’s a network show, but this looks cheap.
But Olivia’s hounds-tooth coat doesn’t look cheap as she struts off of the “helicopter” and into this “mansion” to meet Fitz for one hour. She explains that she never talks about her father. She didn’t even know how to approach the subject with him when they met.
Fitz is upset that she didn’t tell him when he was going to be president, but she argues that she didn’t know he was going to be president. He snarks about Defiance, and asks why she didn’t tell him the truth once he got elected, or once he told her he loved her, or that time he tried to give up the White House for her. Remember that? Those were simpler days.
Olivia’s not about to let him play the victim, but he argues that he told her everything that he could legally tell her. “You know who I am, and you’re just this bundle of dirty little secrets,” he shouts. And…that would be your cue to slap him again, Liv.
Instead, she tells him that he would have run in the other direction if she’d told him the truth, but he argues that he would have protected her. That’s when we finally get a hint of the Olivia Pope that we fell in love with at the beginning of this series. She shouts, “I don’t need protecting! I am not the girl you save. I am fine!”
She reminds him that at the snap of Rowan’s fingers, Fitz shot down a plane with hundreds of people on board. Olivia verbatim: “You’re the one that needs protecting. I fixed the election. He’s my father. I ruined YOU!” I hate how much I love you, Liv.
Fitz starts playing tour guide, which obviously annoys Olivia; she demands to know why they’re there. Of course, it’s that house in Vermont he’d promised her, where she would make jam and he would be mayor and they would have babies. He had it built when he thought they had a chance to be together.
A couple of people on my timeline compared this to Noah building Allie her dream house in “The Notebook,” but no! Noah built that house himself, with his two hands. Fitz hired people to build this house for Liv. Fitz is the worst and he fails at this Grand Gesture because it is retroactively petty to bring Olivia here after they’ve already called it quits. Fitz can do nothing right and I hate him. Of course, Olivia falls for it, because she is dead set on being a disappointment this season.
Back at P&A, Huck and Quinn share a quick, tender moment in which he tells her that he knows she does a good job. You’re not too hard on her, Huck. She is an idiot. You should probably be meaner to her, actually.
Like the idiot that she is, she rolls up on Charlie in the parking deck and holds a gun to his head. Charlie suggests she rethink things, because he is the best “handler” she’s going to get.
Rowan and Maya are in the hospital, cooing over photos of Olivia. (Something about Maya saying “You just want to eat her” as she goes on about Olivia’s formerly fat cheeks is disturbing, since we just watched her chew into her own arm not even an hour ago.) She notices that Rowan only brought her press clippings and no home photos, and knows his relationship with Olivia isn’t a good one. He harshly reminds her that she doesn’t know Olivia the Adult, and the tender moment is over. He tells the doctor that they’re moving her tomorrow, and to make sure she is sedated.
Mellie can’t reach Fitz at his “hotel in New Hampshire” and has Lauren the secretary call. No answer. Knowing Fitz, Mellie asks Lauren to call Olivia. No answer. Doesn’t take a genius to know that they’re somewhere having sex. Cue the long, slow motion scene of Liv and Fitz having sex, and me throwing something at my TV.
When Olivia gets up to leave the next morning, Fitz warns her that he has to stop Rowan. Unsurprisingly, she’s all for it, and even though she obviously hates her father, this is annoying. As far as she knows, Fitz killed her mother -- and not only did she just sleep with him again, but she also just signed off on him taking out her father. As she leaves, she tells him not to sell the house yet. *eye roll*
David and Abby are in bed when his computer guy calls with the news that the info on Candace’s stolen laptop isn’t enough to help the Reston campaign. It was wiped clean the day before the break-in. The burglary was obviously a set-up and David, in an effort to have a normal relationship with Abby, pointedly refuses to accuse P&A of planning this. Abby assures him that they had nothing to do with it, and calls Harrison with the news.
Of course, Abby immediately knows that Candace was the one behind this…and of course, when the camera pans out, you see that he’s in bed with Candace.