Olivia and the team try to handle both uncovering the truth behind Operation Remington, while also managing a potential crisis with the Josie Marcus campaign. (Michael Ansell / ABC / November 17, 2013)

A couple of disturbing images are floating around in my head after last night’s episode, but before we get into all of that, let’s pick up at last week’s cliffhanger.
Olivia’s mom is alive, which isn’t the biggest surprise in the history of this show. What is interesting is that Rowan held her prisoner for 20 years in a hidden cell in what looks like a very crappy hospital, for reasons that aren’t 100 percent clear, yet.
Charlie drops Quinn off at work, which is definitely not the most covert way for them to meet. B613 recruited her in order to have a spy in Pope & Associates, and she is still reeling after murdering that security guard. Charlie advises her to pretend he’s her boyfriend, just asking about her day, which is one of the creepiest things he’s said yet. And if she doesn’t, he’ll kill her. I can only dream.
Quinn has no choice, and is not going to make a very good spy. She practically turns green at the mention of Omar Dresden’s name, but lucky for her, a Josie Marcus crisis strikes as the perfect distraction.
Huck and Jake are still on the Dresden case, checking other buildings’ security cameras, since the security tapes they need are missing.
As much as I love James, I can’t help but be annoyed that it has taken him this long to figure out that he is married to Satan. But that comes later in the episode. First, James gets coaxed into spending some alone time with Daniel Douglas.
Cyrus being nice to him should be a dead giveaway that something is horribly wrong. But James is too consumed with his disappointment at getting fired to realize that Cyrus getting him an assignment from the “D.C. Times” is definitely part of a scheme.
Cyrus jumps at the opportunity to write about Daniel Douglas. Watching Cyrus pimp out his husband in order to hurt Sally’s campaign may be even more awful than the time he tried to have James murdered.
On to the Josie Marcus drama. Someone broke into her house and stole her sister/daughter’s laptop, and only her laptop, which was full of detailed information about the campaign. Of course, Candace is ready to point the finger at the Reston campaign and wants to hold a press conference post-haste. But Olivia wants the authorities to accuse Reston.
Mellie, watching the interview from last week, loves watching Fitz stand up for her on national TV. But real-life Fitz, sullen and rude as ever, leaves the room to call Olivia. Kudos to her for finally letting his call go to voicemail.
Now for Mama Pope’s master plan to either die or get sent to the infirmary: chewing into her own wrist until she hits an artery. Seriously, Shonda Rhimes warned her Twitter followers not to eat until after the first commercial break, and I definitely should have heeded her warning. Maya winds up in the infirmary, and Rowan is not happy.
Quinn runs into Jake while she’s trying to steal the security cameras from the office buildings surrounding the murder scene. She pretends she's just being a good little soldier and showing some initiative, but Jake seems suspicious.
Abby’s at David’s office, asking him to look into the break-in at Josie’s home. Having been burned by Pope & Associates more times than any other character in the series, David is skeptical. He accuses them of trying to use an FBI raid on the Reston campaign as a photo op, but Abby argues that this is “Watergate, all over again.” Impassioned or not, David tells her to think like a lawyer. He needs more to go on to call in the FBI, even if the “burglar” only stole campaign files from a house full of valuables.
Cyrus wants James to do the interview with Daniel Douglas, so Douglas can hit on James, James can refuse him and then tell Cyrus. Cyrus and Mellie could use that information to bully Sally into giving up on her campaign. Or else, James will write an exposé about the Langstons’ “sham of a marriage.” 
Mellie worries that Daniel Douglas may not make a pass at James, so Cyrus tells her to plant the seed. Mellie is uncomfortable, but does so expertly. while she chats with Daniel Douglas before he goes to the vice president’s office to meet James, she hints that James and Cyrus have an open marriage.
Huck and Jake are looking through security-camera footage to see if they can get an image of the killer. Quinn is pretending to help, but is really just freaking out and being extremely obvious. Olivia tells Quinn to focus on tracking down the stolen laptop instead.
Harrison, noticing that Candace Marcus is on the TV screen, turns up the volume so they can listen to her insinuate that Gov. Reston’s campaign stole that laptop, thereby doing EXACTLY what Olivia instructed her not to do. Why do their clients even hire P&A if they’re never going to take their advice?
Fitz is still calling Liv, saying she owes him the opportunity to explain, but she is officially done. She hangs up the phone and then smashes it to pieces. Jake comes in and sarcastically, but not unkindly, asks her if she really thinks that will prevent the president from contacting her.
Harrison arrives at the Marcus house to yell at Candace for being an idiot, but this time, his fast-talking rant feels…different. There is palpable sexual tension in the air when he tells her to “mind her elders, color inside the lines” and follow his every command.
Jake and Huck are making progress on the security tapes, spotting a reflection of the killer/Quinn on one of them. Meanwhile, Quinn locates the missing laptop; it’s at Reston’s campaign headquarters in Georgetown. P&A immediately gives the tip to the FBI, and Candace gloats as they watch the report on the news.