Ethan the aide is back from Montana, with nothing but a pair of cowboy boots, or so he thinks. He tells Cyrus that when Josephine Marcus was 15, she gave birth to a baby, but walked out of the hospital with no baby or birth certificate. Cyrus sees hope.

Senator Meyers meets with Olivia, saying that Shelley won’t forgive him. She lied for him. She couldn’t be certain that he didn’t kill Desiree; his wife was out shopping the entire night of the murder.

Olivia, of course, puts together the pieces and confronts Shelley. She was the one who murdered Desiree, thinking she was the only woman that Richard was sexting. Shelley just throws Olivia’s comment about second chances back in her face and walks away.

Cyrus gives Fitz the good news about Marcus being a “slutty teen” with an abandoned baby. Then he confronts him about the funeral he attended. Cyrus is worried that Fitz won't win the election if he keeps focusing on the past. (What did Fitz do?! It’s clearly eating him up.) He silently agrees to leave the past in the past.

Quinn keeps pestering Huck. He finally screams at her that she’s not worried, but interested -- she wants to do what he does, maybe because she saw him going through murder withdrawal. All her questions have answers, but she doesn’t really want to know them. He wants her to stop asking questions while she still can.

David is watching the news and sulking, foiled by Pope & Associates yet again. Meyers tells the press that he wants to focus on his career and repair his marriage. David receives a dirty photo and a phone call from Abby. He says he doesn’t want to play games, and she’s not. She’s outside his door, and would like to come in. I like them as a couple. I don’t know why.

Liv and Jake are drowning their problems in booze. She’s anything but OK. He thinks she’s going to cry, but no. She’s trying not to scream. She’s scared, and he offers to hold her. She resists at first, but he holds her and assures her that she is not alone. I really hope he doesn’t die because of that. They kiss for the first time since that ill-fated sleepover where she found out that he was spying on her, got a concussion and woke up as Fitz’s virtual prisoner in the hospital.

The phone rings, and of course, Liv must answer. It is Fitz. She wants to know what she can do for him, and he is offended at her formality and her thinking he only calls when he needs something. She asks if he’s OK, and he says he doesn’t know how to answer that. Jake loudly, and pointedly (like the side-boo that he is), asks if she wants more wine. Fitz hangs up, because she has company. He is both visually hurt and, I suspect, the owner of a flip phone in 2013.

Fitz's limo arrives at its destination: Eli/Rowan’s office, for a reunion. Because Fitz knows Eli/Rowan! Is Fitz in B613! Why did he lie to Olivia? Is he in on all of it? How does Cyrus not know? Are they playing all of them? Just when I’m starting to drift, “Scandal” reels me back in.

Next episode: Marcus hires Olivia to fix her abandoned-baby scandal, and Fitz takes it very personally. Also, Olivia rocks an awesome faux-asymmetrical cut and funky gown combo.