No time for small talk -- too much happened in this episode. Husband-murdering Sally Langston is still running for President, you guys. I mean, if nothing else, you have to respect the gall.
Olivia’s working on Fitz’s reelection campaign (as if there was any doubt) mapping out her talking points.
But Sally has a surprise for all of us. While she plans to run against Fitz as an independent in the upcoming election, she will not be resigning as vice president. She says this right after she calls Fitz a corrupt, childish tyrant, y’all.
Sally does not know how to chill. You have to respect someone that bold. Got to.
And it could actually work. Fitz isn’t popular enough with Congress to get them to boot her from office. Plus, there’s precedent for it. Remember when Vice President Thomas Jefferson ran against President John Adams in the 1800s? (You didn’t and neither did I.)
After watching Sally’s announcement no one is happy, but Fitz is out of control. He downs a glass of brown liquor and throws a decanter at Cyrus’s head. An impressively spry Cyrus ducks and the glass shatters against the wall. How far is too far, Fitz?
Fortunately, Olivia comes in to be the voice of reason. She tells Fitz he should stop drinking because 1.) It’s not even noon yet and 2.) He’s the president of the United States – what if something major happens, like Iran declaring war on us, and he’s in the Oval stinking drunk?
Of course, he is fully committed to being childish right now, so he tells Liv to consult Sally instead. Liv sails back into work mode. She admits this is a problem, but she and Cyrus have a plan: to win the base back by picking a strong new running mate. They have already started making a list, but Fitz has other plans. He has already chosen Gov. Andrew Nichols of California, his former lieutenant governor.
Liv is not happy. Not only are they from the same state, but Nichols is a straight, white man and Liv says Fitz needs to focus on diversity and winning support of women. Fitz is focused on Sally’s betrayal and wants to run with someone he can trust. Cyrus, Mellie and Olivia all think this is a bad idea, but Fitz is insistent. He kicks them out of his office, and when Liv stays … he kicks her out, too.
David Rosen and James meet again because this time David is the one with proof of a major crime. Unfortunately, the recording of Sally’s call to Cyrus after murdering D.D. would be inadmissible in court, and David won’t tell James where he got the tape from (bet $5 it’s Abby), so James plans to leave. I mean, Cyrus got him that gig as White House press secretary and David kinda told James to kick rocks when he told him about his suspicions a month before this.
Harrison calls David because that Salif person he used to do illegal things with back in the day is still trying his best to get back in the U.S. David refuses to help at first, but eventually gives.