Jake’s still Command and he’s meeting with Charlie to see if he’ll be a “problem.” Charlie promises he’s a good soldier. He’ll take orders from whoever is running the show.
When Jake asks Charlie about Quinn, he plays dumb for a moment, but then says she’s a “good kid who went through a rough patch,” and uh … I don’t know if that’s what I would call it. Jake goes on to insist that Quinn is not B613 and she never will be.
The remaining P&A folks are busy vetting Nichols. His record as governor was successful, but during that time he dated models and actresses, which turns Liv off. Still, he kept it age-appropriate, according to Abby, so maybe there is a chance.
In her interview with Nichols, Liv points out that he could ruin his image by running with Fitz, but Nichols insists he wouldn’t have anything without Fitz. After all of their background checks come up clean, Liv has Cyrus run polls. Nichols is polling well with men, but Liv says that’s not enough. Fitz needs to win women back after his infidelity went public, and she tells Cyrus to talk Fitz out of running with Nichols. 

But, as Cyrus points out, loyalty is the most important thing to Fitz right now, which is why he made Jake head of B613. Liv flips at the news because Eli/Rowan is way classier than me and kept it a secret.
She rushes to find Eli/Rowan at his favorite spot: U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial, where he used to take her after her mom “died.” Goodness, these people’s lives are complicated. We aren’t 20 minutes in and I’m tired.
At least their relationship seems to be on the mend. Olivia respects Rowan (I’ve picked a name and I’m sticking to it) for allowing her to hate him, rather than tell her who her mother really was. He demands she get to the point. She tells him she knows he’s been replaced as Command, and he rattles off that sorry “I’m Chief Curator at the Smithsonian” cover.
She just wants to tell him she knows what happened and apologize. But Rowan is bitter, because obviously. He tells her she’s been oblivious, “skipping around fields full of bombs and mistaking them for daisies.”
He lays it out bare in words Olivia probably never wanted to hear from her father: how the married man she’d been sleeping with kidnapped him and tortured him with details about their sex life while helping her terrorist mom get away, like an idiot. The kicker? “The man who defiled you also defiled an organization that I gave my soul to build.” And now? Fitz has a new enemy, one who knows all of his secrets.
Rowan just keeps the quotables coming. ‘The greatest weapon I have against him calls me ‘Dad.’”
He officially gets scary when he tells her to grab her stuff and run because he plans to kill Fitz. We aren’t even in the middle of the episode and Rowan Pope is already threatening the life of the sitting president, y’all.