Liv wants to tell the mom the truth, but Fitz insists it’s not worth the lives of 57 other people. Liv hangs up. I don’t know how she does this, but she lies to Mary, apologizes and tells her that he was a terrorist. Mary loses it. Poor thing. This is horrible. Liv promises she will have the best defense possible.

Mary allows Struthers and Liv to leave, before sealing herself inside to commit suicide by bomb. Liv’s conscience is just getting more bruised by the episode.

Mellie’s in the East Wing, drinking in the dark, when Fitz walks in. She pours him a drink. He shudders when he takes a sip – hooch, sent by her daddy when Fitz won the election. Fitz called him a “hillbilly.” Drunk Mellie asks him if he wants to have sex with her on that historic dining room table. She’s celebrating, because today was a good day.

Fitz thought she would be miserable because Liv didn’t get blown to bits, which proves he not only thinks the worst of her, but doesn’t know her very well. That is her nightmare, that Liv would die while performing some heroic act. She says Fitz would idolize Liv then, and Mellie would lose their little war.

She’s celebrating because as long as Olivia is alive, she’s Fitz’s flaw, his weakness and, therefore, Mellie’s weapon. She can use her to make her “puppet husband dance.”

Olivia gets back to a darkened office, to Huck lurking in the shadows. He assures her that he’s “all killed out today.” All this time he’s wondered who Command is, and finally got a name – something concrete he can drill answers out of, like whether he has a family. The fact that he thinks that he imagined them is just horrible.

Olivia hates Eli/Rowan, but doesn’t want him murdered. Huck finally admits that he didn’t kill him, and we see what happened outside that trailer.

Eli/Rowan offers him the “unfinished business” in the trailer. Inside, the man is handcuffed to a table. Duct tape and a blade are ready for Huck. He slits the man’s wrist (vertically, word to “The Craft”) and leaves a fake suicide note. Command still owns him, and that is the saddest thing yet.

Liv gets home to Jake (who shaved the beard) and demands to know why he is there. Huck’s experience with her father reminds her that Daddy Pope does not do any favors. If Jake is there, it is to be a pawn to use against her.

Of course, her dad is calling, and she ignores it. She knows they don’t just let people like him out. Fitz calls on another line. Liv blows up, and Huck smashes both phones. She wants to know if Eli sent Jake to spy on her. She knows there has to be a reason, but Jake has no idea. Or at least, he says he doesn't. The incident with Huck has her afraid because no one walks away from her father – he controls all.

Jake never thought he would get out of that hole. It’s the isolation that gets to you – the silence. He says thinking of her face saved him. Liv says it’s not happily ever after, because Eli still owns him. But she tells him not to feel bad, because her dad still owns her, too.

Next time: Liv has a shady client, a Washington senator/sexting perv. Yay, Weiner-reference! But with a twist: this guy may have murdered his lover.