This week, things pick up shortly after we left off. Jake’s done choking Liv, but he isn’t done accusing her of treason. Everyone’s furious with her for breaking up B613, but as a couple of people pointed out on Twitter, can’t they just turn the computers back on? I’m confused.

Jake and Fitz are ganging up on Liv about B613. She’s shocked, since they both seemed to hate it, at one point. They both seem to be more upset that she’s allowed whatever Marie Wallace’s clients have planned to unfold six days before the election. If they call on the aboveground channels for defending the republic – Homeland Security, FBI, etc. – they will make Marie Wallace/Maya Pope a part of the public record, thereby making Fitz shooting down that plane way back when a part of the public record. Nope, says Cyrus.

Jake wants to B613 back together again, but Liv isn’t hearing it, because of the “sacrifices” she made. Of course, Jake this opportunity to bring up the fact that Liv slept with him in order to hack into his phone, as a part of the B613 Must Go plan. But really, we all know that Jake said that to get under Fitz’s skin. This is not the time to be childish.

They’re sure that Fitz is the target, because Adnan stole records that would allow them to know his every move. While Jake’s detailing the evidence, Fitz and Cyrus notice a familiar face: Marie Wallace’s bomb maker/lover, and decide to call in Eli/Rowan Pope. Messy.

Papa Pope strolls into OPA (the new acronym for P&A that Quinn gives us today) with James Brown’s “Super Bad” playing in the background and it is perfect. He IDs the guy as Dominic Bell, Maya Pope’s handler and a general bad guy.

Liv’s upset that Fitz plans on staying on the campaign trail. Rowan backs Liv’s advice, Fitz agrees to stay in the White House, but he does want to make it clear that Rowan isn’t Command again. Rowan scoffs at Fitz’s assertion that he is doing this for his country. This is personal, because Dominic ruined his life.

Charlie’s listening to numbers on that weird B613 station, waiting to hear instructions from Command. He’s also being passive aggressive because he still thinks that Quinn is loyal to “OPA.” So imagine his shock when the numbers tell him to be there.

When they arrive, the OPA conference room is already riddled with tension, which not even Charlie could break. His greeting Jake and Rowan with “Command. Other Command,” was actually hilarious though. Now if he would just be good for something and kill Quinn…

Jake makes a snarky remark about Rowan working at the Smithsonian and Rowan threatens to leave unless Jake goes. Of course, Liv chooses her dad over Jake, because she would choose a total stranger over Jake, which leads to another one of Jake’s reads.

Truncated version: No one walks away from B613 and Rowan hasn’t changed. He’ll make you feel safe and then “break your bones and step over your body on his way out.” Jake says he knows this because that’s what Rowan taught him to do.

Now for the most disturbing plot twist of this entire episode. Some unnamed girl at Little Jerry’s boarding school meets up with Leo Bergen, to discuss a scheme they’ve got planned. She wants to get into Harvard. Thankfully, his phone rings so we don’t have to hear what Leo wants, yet.

Senator Hightower, a champion of immigration reform, has died of a “heart attack.” Of course, Sally wants to deliver the eulogy, but so does Fitz. Hightower was his friend and Cyrus sees it as an opportunity. Hightower was Fitz’s friend, a hero and a Latino politician.

Fitz reminds him that they’re on lockdown and “somebody out there” wants Fitz dead. “You think it’s just someone out there?” says my favorite guest star of the night, Drunk Mellie.  “Olivia tells him to stay put, so he stays. Just tell me what y’all decide. Either way, I gotta stand by my man,” Mellie slurs sarcastically. Mellie even does the drunk thing better than Fitzgerald.

Huck, Quinn and Charlie are debating the best way to go about finding Dominic. Huck wants to spy and Charlie wants to use the intel they got from surveillance.

Fitz calls Liv to complain about not being able to go to the funeral and to remind her that Sally’s still campaigning, taking the votes from NOW, Emily’s List and the NAACP. Liv insists that the NAACP won’t support Sally because obviously. Fitz insists that they could, whining, “I’m telling you they could.” Liv’s response? “I’m telling you, I’m black.” Tears.

Fitz keeps pushing it, which makes Liv remember the date. It’s the four-year anniversary of Big Jerry’s death. That, coupled with the knowledge that he’s never actually won an election has Fitz feeling insecure.

He also “misses” Liv and is upset that Liv’s sleeping with Jake, because he literally hates the idea of any of his many women being unfaithful to him.

Fitz is doing satellite interviews with local news stations across the country, while Cyrus, Mellie and Andrew are doing some last-minute phone banking. OPA’s bustling, too. Just as Charlie and Quinn tell Liv that Dominic is “in the wind” Huck comes in and drops dude on the floor, bound and gagged.

Back to this gross Little Jerry storyline. In an attempt to conduct a paternity test that would prove that Fitz isn’t Jerry’s dad, Leo’s bribed Jerry’s girlfriend into stealing some of his DNA. Of course, she translates that to having sex with Jerry and stealing the condom.  For his semen. In exchange for an acceptance letter from Harvard. And Yale. My head just exploded. This is so gross.

Anyway, she pulls it off, because no one ever taught Little Jerry to beware of people who steal things like condoms.