The interviewer asks Mellie about the terrible poll numbers after airing her dirty laundry in front of the world. Mellie struggles to find words, and finally (FINALLY!) Fitz shows up for her, calling the question an attack. He says, in no uncertain terms, that the affair was his fault, a mistake that he has apologized for, and asks the American people to move on with them. About time.

No word on Omar Dresden, but P&A has a good lead on a guy working on the tarmac that night. He still lives in D.C. and Jake agrees to stop by.

Quinn joins Charlie on the job. He’s trying to grab a file for his client, and asks her if she’d like to drug the guy guarding them or to disable the security cameras. When she tells him that Huck let her torture someone in the past, they kiss, and she heads in to drug the poor security guard. Unfortunately for Quinn, there's enough poison in that syringe to kill the man. She freaks and flees.

Flashback. Mellie joins Fitz Jr. for breakfast. He wants to apologize for things getting “out of hand last night,” but Mellie refuses to discuss it. She insists that he tell Fitz what he needs to hear to get him back on track. Fitz Jr. tells her she’s an asset, but she corrects him: “I am his wife.”

Present-day. Fitz and Mellie are prepping for a dinner on-camera. Fitz insists they cut out a comment Mellie made about Jackie Kennedy having it easy, as she could wear gloves to those events. Good call, Fitz.

When the camera crew leaves, Mellie thanks him for what he said during the interview. He tells her he meant it. They enter the dinner, holding hands.

Amber’s in the corner with Daniel Douglas, flirting to Cyrus’s delight, when James interrupts his joy. Assuming more whining is to come, Cyrus tells him that he didn’t get the interview because of the Josie Marcus incident last week, plus his failure to ask Mellie the hard questions during their interview. But James has news: he was fired via email. He’s not happy with Cyrus, obviously.

Amber’s also striking out. Mellie figures she’s not his type, but apparently James is. So, male escorts then?

Fitz has someone new tailing Olivia. Rowan heads to a prison to visit “Omar Dresden”.

Jake gets to the office building and sees the man Quinn just murdered, their link to Omar Dresden, being loaded into a body bag. Quinn is in an alley, frantically calling Huck, when Charlie comes up to her with security-camera footage of her killing the security guard and the news that she belongs to B613 now. Happy now, Quinn?

Fitz is getting the rundown on Maya Pope and an old copy of “Elijah Pope’s museum badge photo.” He’s shocked to realize that Command is Olivia’s father.  We, the audience, are  slightly less shocked that “Omar Dresden” is actually Maya.

Flashback. Fitz has just begun the campaign for governor and Mellie calls for a toast. It’s gushing and sweet, but their interaction with Fitz Jr. is tense. Fitz notices she isn’t drinking, but she insists that her maybe-pregnancy is early. If it’s a boy, Fitz insists on naming him Jerry, and a look of disgust flashes across Mellie’s face.