Quinn sneaks out on Charlie and strolls into P&A like nothing happened. She tries to force Huck to apologize, but he’s not sorry. He would kill her right now, if it wasn’t for Liv.

Cyrus is losing it again. He reminds James that he has no job, income or power and that he won’t be able to get sole custody of the baby, but he still loves James. He doesn’t want James to leave because he finally noticed the “666” on his forehead.

Fitz calls Liv with bad news: the plane never made it to Hong Kong. Marie murdered the pilots and escaped. She’s gone. Defeated, she gives Jake the bad news, and he kisses her. But then…he tells her goodbye and that he loved her. Past tense. Is Jake gonna die?

Sally gives Leo the bad news. She’s not running and she’s a murderer. Actually, she snaps and screams, “He is in Hell. Daniel Douglas is in Hell because he is a Sodomite.” Which…I know a bunch of super-religious folks and they don’t just go around calling gay men “Sodomites.” That’s some old school homophobia. It’s cliché. Anyway, Leo surmises that Sally killed D.D. His response: “You kill somebody, you call me!”

Elsewhere in the District, a woman from the NSA walks into David’s office with a tape of Sally’s call to Cyrus. Welp. He’s gonna go after that case.

Olivia calls Eli to ask why he lied about Marie for 22 years. He offers up a new round of Sunday dinners, because he can never give her the answers she wants.

Eli’s in for bad news, as well. He struts into his office and finds Jake in a suit (Jake in a suit!) sitting behind his desk, giving orders. He’s now Command, and offers to let Eli take their aptitude test to get a job at Wonderland.

You guys. This is going to be the best TV war ever. Mellie vs. Fitz? All fizzle and no boom. But this? Eli is going to ruin all of them. And it will be glorious.

James agrees to stay with Cyrus if he makes him White House press secretary. Finally, use the fact that your husband is Satan to your advantage, James.

Liv is sipping wine and reflecting on all of her mistakes when she gets a call from her mother, who apparently stopped to get her hair done after murdering all of those people and landing the plane.

She promises Liv she’ll see her soon, then tosses her burner phone ... in a trash can outside of the White House. Are we going to do this? Yes. Definitely. Let’s do this.