Homecoming Queen: Briana

She's been the young voice of reason in the O.C. for the past 7 years, and now, with a clean bill of health, she can rule even more effectively. I hope she gets her mother in line -- she's our last hope.

Homecoming King: Ryan

I am loving him. He isn't taking any guff off of anyone including his mother-in-law Vicki. And he cleans up pretty damn nicely. 

Most Likely to Become a Dictator: Vicki

Forget President, Vicki will not be satisfied until she is in control of everyone and everything. And like every dictator, she will be hung in effigy before the decade is out.

Miss Congeniality: Tamra

She's not the nicest person in the O.C. Or the smartest. Or the prettiest. But no one can out fake-cry her!

Most in Need of Vitamin C: Heather

With all of her hunching over when she's talking (and she's usually talking smack about everybody else) I think it's pretty clear that Heather's got scurvy. Poor girl needs to eat that orange she's holding in the opening credits. And then take a loooong hiatus from the show. She should understand that -- after all, she is an ack-tress.

Most Likely to Still Be On Earth After the Rapture: Alexis and Jim

'Nuff said.

This was the season finale but as you know, our time with the O.C. ladies is far from over -- we'll be back on July 10 with Part 1 of the reunion. Follow me on Twitter @MutesVoice and tell me what you think is gonna go down.