Heather says trying to end a business relationship with Sonja was like trying to break up with your boyfriend in 8th grade -- she just wasn't getting it. Heather decides to bring in her backup: The Countess. LuAnn doesn't help the situation much, except for sitting there and acting like she knows what she's talking about.

In the end, Sonja gets what she wants and the business relationship continues.

Later, the whole crew has gathered together for LuAnn's holiday party with Life and Style Magazine.

LuAnn approaches Ramona and asks her if she is mad about the wine incident. Ramona says that she was trying to move past it and she only got upset when other people were bringing it up. It's amazing to how Ramona can act nice and mature yet squeeze in some low blows and condescending remarks.

During the party all the ladies sit down and drink more cocktails. Out of the blue Sonja, who is most certainly smashed, starts calling Jacque out about his relationship with LuAnn.

"I know your good qualities but I do not believe it. I love her more than you. I don't believe it." She goes on to accuse him of not having the right intensions with LuAnn.

Meanwhile LuAnn is horrified by Sonja's impolite manor.

Sonja continues, "I don't want her to hurt like the way I was ...  You should be a man and get out now if you're not serious."

Surprising Ramona is acting like the voice of reason and calming Sonja down. She explains that Sonja is saying these things because she wants them for LuAnn, but more importantly, she wants them for herself.

Needless to say, this episode stepped it up a notch. We learned a lot about these ladies and there is certainly a lot more to come.

On a side note:

Carole talks to her friend about wanting to hire an intern. She figures if Sonja can hire 7, she can hire 1. I'll intern for you, Carole! Let's make this happen.

Best moment of the night:

Ramona tells LuAnn at the holiday party that she is "holding the fifth." Oh, Ramona. I really wish Carole could have been there to hear her improperly reference the Fifth Amendment.

Let's not forget:

The band at the Christmas party was a lot more "edgy" than LuAnn was hoping for. After the ladies awkwardly sing their Christmas carol, the band starts yelling obscenities like "I want to f--- you in the a---." What is with these housewives choosing terrible bands? For some reason they just have the worst luck with hiring entertainment.