Its episode three it is clear that the Christmas magic is gone.

This episode featured name-calling, fancy dessert parties and, yes, drama. 

Teresa: Teresa has a photo shoot for her new dessert line. During the photo shoot, every parent in the United States who was watching had the same thought: "Thank goodness Milania is not my daughter."

Milania grabs the camera and starts taking pictures, calls the cameraman a butthole and tells him to shut up. I personally find Milania entertaining but then again she’s not my kid. Teresa then has a dessert debut party for all her close friends to taste her new products. Amber tells Teresa how impressed she was of her strength with everything that is going on. Amber proceeds to cry, which makes Teresa cry; more on this later.

Teresa and Joe go to dinner with Nicole, Bobby, Teresa and Rino. The dinner goes well and Rino says that even though they had all just met, that they support Teresa and Joe. Awww!

Later in the episode, Teresa goes over to Dinas house to have a psychic read her future. He says Teresa is going to move and everything will work out for her. However, he says that Joe isnt going to be in the clear.

Teresa quote of the night: “You’re always going to have the haters and let the haters hate, but I just love, love love.”

Dina: My best friend Lindsay casually met Dina Sunday afternoon in New York City. It was difficult to pay attention to what Dina was doing because I couldn’t help thinking that I didn’t meet Dina. #bittergirlproblems.

Dina is still trying to find balance with all the changes in her life. The medium says Dina will be living in another place and that Lexi will be all right.  We find out that Lexi didnt get into NYU. Dina finds Amber to be a drama queen when she cries at Teresas party. Dina doesnt like when there is a new girl to the group and acts all emotional. I feel you Dina, I feel you.

Dina quote of the night: “Teresa is at the top of my prayer pile.”

Melissa: The Gorgas have a new family business! At first Melissa thought that Joe had invested in the garbage business, but it is actually a fancy paper shredder in a truck. This new business will delay Joe building their unnecessary mansion.

Melissa drives with Amber on the way to Teresas dessert debut party. While in the car, Amber tells her, even though in her side interview Amber said she doesnt want to be the gossiper, that Nicole broke up a marriage. While watching this, I thought she said Nicole broke up her own marriage, which led to her divorce. It reminded me of the Season 2 reunion when it was unclear if Teresa said dont bring up my family or dont break up my family. I guess history repeats itself.

She and Amber go out to dinner and Amber continues put the blame on Melissa for them losing touch with her. Melissa is starting to become annoyed with this, as am I, because Amber didnt reach out to Melissa either.

Later, Melissa tells the twins what Amber said about Nicole while shopping at Zabayon, which I hopes becomes the new Posche.

Melissa quote of the night: “I’m not going to lie, I’m a big fan of being blindfolded and having things stuck in my mouth.”

Amber: In my previous posts I said that Amber will probably get on my nerves, and this episode she did. Amber definitely stirred the pot by spreading rumors, pointing the finger and acting like a drama queen.

As stated above, Amber made Teresa cry at her dessert debut. It starts by Amber apologizing to Teresa if anyone offended her at her harvest party. She then goes on to say how impressed she is of her strength and the crying domino effect happens. Amber proceeds to make it about her and say how she understands what Teresa is going through because she almost lost her life.

I dont really know if you can compare having cancer to being indicted on mortgage fraud. There is a time and a place Amber, and this wasnt it.

Ambers husband Jim brings the drama too. First of all, he preps his family to star in his new commercial for his business. While Jim and Bobby are watching the kids while Amber is out to dinner with Melissa, they feed the kid McDonalds and Bobby tells Jim about how well the dinner with Teresa and Joe went and how they planned a guys night.

Jim says he cant attend the guys night because he is the CEO of a mortgage company and doesnt find it appropriate to hang out with Joe who is indicted. Jim says that he is the "predator and Joe is the prey. That was vicious.