Kyle's not into the duck, which "feels like a brown piece of bubblegum." Brandi is feeling protective of Kim, telling her to wipe her face quickly, before Kyle notices, and makes a big to-do of her looking a mess.

Yolanda also steps in, shutting Lisa down while she's filling Mauricio in about the night's drama. Lisa IS being a little frustrating right now. Never thought I'd say that. Yolanda's good for that, shutting down petty drama before it gets worse.

The next day, Kyle, Mauricio, Yolanda and Kim go shopping. While in a store, the women get a minute alone, and last night's awkwardness instantly comes up. Kim understands Kyle's concern, but she thinks Lisa was being phony, especially since she hasn't called Kim to check on her all day.

Kyle also isn't Team Lisa right now, feeling like she's holding a grudge because Kyle didn't side with her in her fight with Adrienne. Whatever.

Aww, Mauricio sneakily bought Kim the purse she was looking at. Brother-in-law of the year. Then he goes off on a dorky Segway tour with Ken, ruining any good will I was feeling toward him.

The ladies visit the Eiffel Tower, marveling at how high up they are. Of course, Yolanda freaks all of them out by fearlessly leaning over the side. She's great.

Kyle pulls Lisa aside to discus whatever problems they have. Lisa thought their issues had been resolved, but Kyle thinks Lisa's cold. But after your friendship gets rocked liked that, with you talking behind her back with freaking Adrienne, Kyle, you may not be BFFs again for a while.

Ahhhh, now we get to the real issue. Kyle's jealous because of Lisa's friendship with Brandi. That's why Kyle was so aghast when Lisa defended Brandi during the Adrienne stupidity. She wasn't so cool with Adrienne. She was having a temper tantrum because she thought Brandi took her place.

Finally, they hug, and it seems to be over, but who can ever really tell with these women?

Next time: More being passive aggressive in Paris, Kyle's store opening and Yolanda vs. Taylor. This is the season that never ends.