Some flowers are delivered for the patient from "his mistress." Lisa says they don't appear to be from LeAnn Rimes, so they must be from Brandi. Burrrnnnn.

Kim's headed to pilates with her daughters, which is all types of adorable. In her confessional, Kim gives her full take on recent events. The real person to blame is Kyle, for asking Brandi about her problem with Adrienne at Sur. Hmm. Good point.

Apparently, Kim has another trip planned. She's headed to Vegas with her son for his 21 birthday.

("Yeah, Mom. I want to party with you in Vegas for my 21st birthday," said No One's Kid, Ever.)

Her daughters want to know what sober Kim plans to do in Vegas, but they have faith that she will hold strong.

Kyle has a dinner party scheduled for all of the girls, and she plans to invite Brandi, and Mauricio's pissed. He thinks she's "disgusting" and a "gossip girl."

Kyle believes it's because he doesn't know Brandi, and feels an allegiance to Adrienne. Cute how Kyle is feigning total innocence right now. She admits that she hopes both women will come and hash it out peacefully, but doubts that will happen.

Kyle meets with her friend, Faye, for lunch. She fills Faye in on the new gossip, knowing full well that Faye still resents Brandi for her treatment of Kim and Kyle way back when. Sheesh, I forgot Brandi called Kim a meth addict back in the day. She goes for the jugular. Have to chill out.

At Lisa's mansion, Scheana (Lisa's employee who slept with Brandi's ex) comes over to bring over some food or whatever, and tells her to leave quickly before Brandi gets over. Scheana wants to talk to her, to clear the air, but it's not good timing.

Yolanda's being typical Yolanda, working out at home with her trainer. We haven't seen Yolanda since Ojai. Probably because she was being boring and sane and judgmental. You have to earn your screen time, honey. That workout was intense, and Yolanda explains that she works out with such a fervor because she got married to her husband so late in life, and wants to be married to him as long as possible. Sweet.

At Lisa's place, Brandi's anxious after what's been happening. She fills Lisa in on the current events, and then speculates that Adrienne and Paul sold stories about her being a negligent, partying mom to the tabloids. A story popped on Radar Online the very next day. That's ... interesting.

Lisa explains that she's indifferent to Adrienne now. Brandi's afraid, what with the Maloof's money and power and this story out in the press.

At Kyle's dinner party, we skip over all of the pleasantries, and getting to the meat of the evening. Brandi rolls up to the party looking ready for war. She arrives before Adrienne and you can see the anxiety in her every move. So, she resorts to being crass with Kyle, and Lisa has to tell her to behave.

Kyle's dining room is pretty gorgeous. Love that chandelier. Lisa asks after Yolanda, who apparently went to Donna Summer's funeral.

Kim's in Vegas for Chad's b-day, and Kyle claims that she wasn't really invited, even though they usually do their kids' 21st birthdays in Vegas as a family. Then, we get to Adrienne.

Brandi says she would've opted out if Adrienne had wanted to come, because the ladies are closer to Adrienne. Nice. Of course, Kyle's friend, Martha Zanuck (whose husband's grandfather started 20th Century Fox) is curious about what happens. Brandi goes on to explain that she believed Adrienne to be lying about her book deal, for example.

The other ladies claim she wasn't. Brandi explains that it's Adrienne's competitiveness that bugs her. In Ojai, when Brandi announced her book deal, Adrienne chimed in that she had one, too.

Kyle insists that Adrienne's book deal is real, and Brandi says she may have bought one since, which pisses off Faye. She thinks it was out of line, and Brandi insists that Adrienne has been horrible to her, but Brandi's not about to discuss this with Faye's Stranger, Danger behind.

Faye asks why Brandi's out for blood, and finally, Brandi's learning to shut her mouth. It's still between them, and she doesn't want to ask anyone to take sides, but Adrienne tried to pressure her into betraying Lisa before the last reunion. When Brandi refused, Adrienne became an enemy. Faye's saying that Brandi is making random accusations, but Brandi sticks to her guns.

What is really going on? Adrienne and Brandi never seemed chummy but this war came out of left field. Faye's interrogation is bothering Lisa, in particular. She has a history of swooping in and fighting Kyle's battles for her. For her part, Faye is trotting out all the cattiness she can muster, because she and Adrienne go way back. Who cares.

She asks if Brandi has called Adrienne to apologize and is being so condescending. Brandi may be wrong, but Faye is out of line. Kyle and Camille jump in, giving advice. They want her to apologize to make everything peachy.

Lisa points out that Kyle didn't send Brandi flowers the very next day when they were fighting. That's when Kyle gets plain rude, rolling her neck and wagging her finger in Lisa's face. Do you have any idea who you are messing with, Kyle? Lisa's so British about it all, demanding politely that Kyle get her finger out of her face.

Kyle says that she knows Lisa has problems with Adrienne, which Lisa resents. She's chosen to move on and be civil. What I really want someone to address is Faye's rudeness. Chill out.

Fortunately, Marisa steps in and agrees with Brandi that it's not Faye's business. I knew I liked her! Faye refuses to let anyone get a word in edgewise and is insisting that Brandi attacks people for attention. Brandi holds her own, until she finally has enough and leave.

After sitting there, allowing it all to go down -- setting the stage for it, even -- Kyle pipes up, upset that her evening was ruined.

I simply cannot with these women.