I hate when they do this.

Welp, Taylor's drunk again, but this time her oversharing is actually really touching. She feels like she's cheating on her late husband if she dates. It's especially hard for her to process because he took his own life. She really should keep talking about this, because she definitely needs to get it out. Just not at this party.

Plus, Taylor's lawsuit was settled. And Brandi's is just getting started. Yolanda wonders why Adrienne is bothering to go through all of this, reminding us all why she is awesome. Kyle knows why: to intimidate Brandi. Wonder if she'll say that to Adrienne’s face?

Yolanda and Lisa both feel like Adrienne's going overboard by throwing her money and power in Brandi's face. Brandi already spent $2000 she didn't have in hiring that lawyer. Yolanda also feels like Brandi should have womanned up and apologized. Brandi claims she tried to call Adrienne, but then the lawyer sent her a letter. Mauricio suggests that Adrienne may back off if Brandi apologizes. Seriously doubt it.

Lisa is right. Adrienne did say, "Friends don't sue friends." Plus, as Taylor aptly notes, the physical abuse she suffered for years was considered fair game. Why should Adrienne's boundaries be respected if Taylor's weren't?

Kim -- the absolute last person I expected to be guilty of victim blaming -- chimes in, saying that Taylor could've easily ended her marriage. Have you never read a pamphlet on domestic violence? It's rarely as simple as just packing your bags.

Brandi starts to squirm and is ready to leave, but Taylor pushes her to stay and fight her battle. With their history, it's really big of Taylor to support Brandi like this.

Mauricio has always been personally offended by Brandi's comments, but when he starts really badgering Brandi, Ken jumps to the rescue. Mauricio wants to know why Brandi even made the dreaded comment, but Ken thinks that's beside the point. Ken slips up and says it was the truth, anyway, but Lisa, not eager to be sued, whispers that they don't "know" for sure. Well-played.

Finally, Brandi gets tough with Mauricio, because he really was being a jerk. Back down, guy. This has nothing to do with you. Ken's right. Brandi's lawyer would probably advise her not to call Adrienne. Ken does get a little Cro-Magnon when he starts going on about Brandi having "no man protecting her" but the heart of his comments are true: Adrienne is essentially picking on her at this point.

Then Kim steps up to the plate to discuss Brandi calling her a drug addict way back when. Brandi says she was trying to defend herself both times, but Kim is firm.

Finally, Lisa makes another obvious argument against all this madness. Where was all of this anti-gossip talk when Adrienne was busy accusing her of selling stories?

Mauricio tries to dismiss that as superficial, but it was a threat to her integrity. Brandi's taking responsibility for her actions, but that's not enough for Mauricio. He thinks she deserves what she's getting.

Brandi's right. He really should shut up.

Next week: A trip to a swanky art gallery plus the return of Adrienne and Paul. Joy.