Brandi asks where Adrienne is, and Lisa tells her she was busy. Brandi snarks that she's probably working on her book, because Adrienne is Mr. Me Too. Ken jumps in, saying the book "probably won't be very long." See, Paul? That's how you pull of man-catty without seeming sad. Take note!

After the meal, Kyle's troublemaking behind asks Brandi why she and Adrienne are at odds. Brandi says these problems have been simmering under the surface for a while. She feels like Adrienne lies a lot plus, they had a phone argument about Lisa. Ruh roh!

Apparently, Adrienne and Paul (of course) wanted Brandi to take to Twitter, recanting past statements she'd made regarding the Maloof-Vanderpump War of 2012. It escalated, and Brandi refused to speak against Lisa. Kim, and the others seem to be uncomfortable. That's when Brandi imparts a bit of gossip about Adrienne that is so intense the audience doesn't even get to hear it.

Kyle is shocked. Shocked, I say! Kim says it's something so private and Brandi may not even realize the severity of what happened. She and Taylor discuss it afterward, and basically, they feel Adrienne wasn't there to defend herself.

Oh great, now we get to go over Adrienne's. The fam's having a BBQ, and it's sweet. Paul's supposed to be grilling, but he quickly delegates the task to their cook, to go swimming with the kids. Then, we got an awesome close-up of Paul's back hair.

Later, Mauricio and Kyle throw an event to celebrate his new real estate agency. Camille's there, so of course, we get a few more jokes about the size of Kelsey Grammer's manhood. I will not stand for this disrespect of the man who brought me "Girlfriends!"

It's also the day of Ken's hip surgery, and Lisa's really worried. He's 16 years older than Lisa, so his health is a major concern for her. Their kids show up to show support, and they're all perfect looking and British. Poor Lisa! He'll be ok!

Back to the partay! The Maloofs show up, and Brandi isn't the happiest. She's not worried, though, because she doesn't think the other girls will "tattle." Wrong! Adrienne's barely in the door when Kim pulls her to the side to fill her in about what Brandi said.

Paul claims he doesn't understand why Brandi would call Adrienne a liar, and then Kim drops the secret bombshell about their family. Call me cynical, but the fact that we can't hear it makes me question whether or not this fight is producer-manufactured. Paul wants to do something or leave. He also asks what Lisa, "the other troublemaker," had to say. Oh, come on.

Adrienne likens it to "character assassination" and wants to leave. That's when Paul decides to call Brandi outside of her name and confront her in front of the group. This is all getting a little uncomfortable. He can be mad, but all of this aggressive posturing has me nervous he'll put his hands on Brandi.

Kyle's pissed because Kim chose Mauricio's event to fill the Maloofs in about what Brandi said.  They're throwing out words like "defamatory" and threatening lawsuits and making a scene. Hello? Mauricio's clients are here!

It finally ends, with the Maloofs fleeing the scene and Kyle and Mauricio fuming. Aww, you guys were all so chummy last week. Glad that's over!