Ken isn't too excited about Lisa heading to Vegas. In fact, he doesn't think that she needs pole dancing lessons, because Lisa's a freak, apparently. 

Yolanda stayed behind, cooking and walking around her grounds barefoot. Also, she feels like getting philosophical about home wreckers coming after her rich husband. So she caters to his needs: acknowledging him as a man, having sex with him and feeding him. The trifecta of 1950s marriage advice.

I do appreciate their no more than two weeks apart rule. Mainly, Yolanda's trying to avoid another divorce. Especially since Heidi and Seal (who are her very good friends, you guise!) had their "heartbreaking" divorce. Two steps forward, eight leaps back, Yo Yo.

Dinner with the Vegas gals. How long until this gets awkward? Welp. Right on cue, Brandi tells Marissa that she does her husband dirty. Marissa tries to brush it off as she and her husband's banter. Brandi wants to stop being the tough girl, but she feels like she needs to be hard for her kids.

Overall, it's a nice dinner with the other ladies giving Brandi advice about finding happiness and forgiveness -- then finally it devolves into sex jokes, with Camille leading the pack, which is always fun.

Brandi opens up about Eddie leaving her, and the women have some fun at Leann Rimes' expense, which is always fun to watch. According to them, old Leann started trying to become Brandi after she and Eddie went public with their PR disaster. This is what friends are for: ruthlessly trashing your ex and the woman who cheated with him on national TV.

Also, Lisa hates the word "vagina." Which means Brandi won't stop saying it -- and then, they start talking about tampon strings and the vagina-like qualities of oysters and I officially can't do this anymore.

They did force-feed Kyle an oyster, which was a lot of fun.

The next day, the ladies gather outside of the hotel for hungover brunch. Yolanda shows up in booty shorts and tee and a fedora and orders this green sludge for breakfast. Whatever works.

On to the class -- Brandi's up front half-naked and ready to do some tricks. She's nervous, but she’s among friends. Eventually, she finds the words, encouraging her students to shed their inhibitions and love themselves. Good for you, Brandi!

Next week: Camille vs. Lisa vs. Kyle vs. Yolanda. Joy!