Leslie realizes that she'd "Tweeped," meaning that she'd called local reporter Shauna Malwae Tweep, who's now interviewing the Paunch Burger guy while workers are digging around. They find the "artifacts" that Leslie and gang missed removing the night before, so construction halts.

At the office the next day Leslie, Ann, and April are talking about how Leslie has to confess to her misdeed. And the guys are back outside Ben's where Chris distributes the commemorative t-shirts he had made for Ben's original bachelor party. When Chris walks away, the guys decide they should do something nice for Chris to thank him for their dream bachelor party night the night before.

Back at City Hall, Leslie confesses her sins to Ken while the guys wish for Chris that he'll find the right gal someday. Chris admits that he's decided to relax his standards and doesn't have to have a super-fit vegan athlete, just someone that makes him happy.

Ken threatens Paunch Burger's contracts with the tribe's casino, in order to let Leslie off the hook. And then Ken toys with the Paunch Burger guy's dignity, just because he can.

In the hall, Ben runs into Shauna and she asks if she can write about the "crazy rotating bachelor party." Ben asks if it's really news and Shauna says, "A group of good friends having fun doing nice things for each other? That's what's important in life."

So, Ben takes her down the hall to meet up with Chris and they realize there's some chemistry there and Chris asks Shauna out and only flinches slightly when she suggest burgers for their date.

In the last bit, we see an outtake of the guys at the Colts stadium again and they're scrimmaging with the real players. Andy hits a field goal from the 30, and you can tell from the camera angles that it was actually Chris Pratt doing the kicking and that's more than a little awesome.

Lines of the night:

Tom to Ben: "I know you said no strippers because they make you sad."

Leslie: "Four years of hard work down the drain and I have a penis on my head."

"Babe" Lincoln: "It's time for the Gettysburg Undress."

Leslie to Babe Lincoln: "Mr. President, put your pants back on."

April: "You guys, the penis hats cut the digging time in half. I'm serious. Don't be afraid; use the penises!"

Donna, when Babe Lincoln complains he's tired of digging: "We paid for an hour, you're going to dig for an hour."

Ron: "Tonight we eat something's flesh!"

Leslie: "The Zodiac killer never confessed, why do I have to?"

And it's not a line, but I may have gotten the biggest laugh of the night from the sight of Ron Swanson eating an ice cream cone, ice cream all over his mustache.